Galileo: Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System

4 April 2015
A study on the European global navigation satellite system, Galileo.

This paper examines the development of Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, Galileo. It describes the cost and technology involved in the project. The author writes many industries will also benefit from the launching of the system, but perhaps the greatest benefits of the program rely in the residual effects, as the program creates more jobs, and the European economy will improve as a result of it.
Table of Contents
Purpose and Mission
Costs, Sources of Funding
Operational Data: Launch Timeline
Outlook: The Future of Galileo
Agriculture and Fisheries
Science and Engineering
Benefactors of Galileo
`Galileo is a global navigation satellite system which has been a project supported and funded by a consortium between the European Commission and the European Space Agency. European independence is the primary factor in the development of Galileo, prior to the development of Galileo Europeans had no other option but to take positions from the satellites of foreign countries. There are a total of 15 countries working in consortium on this project either directly or indirectly.`

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