Galileo Galilei Essay Research Paper Galileo was

9 September 2017

Galileo Galilei Essay, Research Paper

Galileo was an Italian mathematician, uranologist, and physicist. He was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564. In the mid 1570? s, he and his household moved to Florence and he started his formal instruction in a local monastery. He was sent to the University of Pisa in 1581. While at that place, he studied medical specialty and the doctrine of Aristotle until 1585. During these old ages at the university, he realized that he ne’er truly had any involvement in medical specialty but that he had a endowment for math. It was in 1585 that he convinced his male parent to allow him go forth the university and come place to Florence. Back in Florence, he spent his clip as a coach and began to doubt the Aristotle? s doctrine.

In 1589, he was made professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa where he attended school. His place besides required him to learn uranology based on Ptolemy? s theory that all planets and the Sun revolved around the Earth.

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In 1592, he left the University of Pisa and went to the University of Padua to go professor of mathematics. During his clip at that place, he constructed a clumsy thermometer which would hold work if he had taken into consideration atmospheric force per unit area but it still has a significance in history as being one of the first measurement instruments in scientific discipline. He taught he for 18 old ages and during that clip, became positive that there was truth in the theory of Nicolaus Copernicus a Polish uranologist who believed that all planets including Earth revolved around the Sun.

While still at Padua, in 1609, he built the first astronomical telescope. When he used it to look at the sky, he easy found that most of Aristotle? s and Ptolemy? s theories were incorrect. His most of import find was when he discovered the four Moons of Jupiter in 1610. Later that twelvemonth Cosimo de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, named Galileo his personal mathematician. This brought him back to Floren

Ce one time once more here he continued his surveies in uranology. Galileo besides studied gesture, particularly that of freely falling objects. While watching singing lamps in church one twenty-four hours, he noticed that it takes the same clip between swings no affair how large or little the discharge is. This observation led to his innovation of the pendulum clock. He besides discovered, before Newton, that two objects of different weights fell at the same velocity. For case, if you dropped an orange and an aubergine from the same tallness at the same clip, they would hit the land at the same clip.

In 1613, he wrote a missive where he tried to explicate how the Copernican theory was agreed with both Catholic philosophy and right Biblical account. A few of his enemies got missive, and sent it to the interrogators in Rome. What the interrogators did, was find and discipline people who were against the instructions of the church. Galileo was brought to Rome to be tried. Fortunately for him, his charges were cleared and he was let travel under one status that was that he was non to keep or support the Copernican theory. What this meant was that he wasn? T allowed to state it was true. Nineteen old ages subsequently, in 1632, he published his first book, Dialogue Refering the Two Chief World Systems. In this composing, he compared Aristotle? s and Ptolemy? s theories to that of Copernicus. He did this to demo that the Copernican theory was more logical than the other two. Again the interrogators tried him and this clip he was found guilty. He was given to life imprison but due to his old age and hapless wellness, he was allowed house apprehension in his place merely outside of Florence. He finally went wholly unsighted and still managed to compose his 2nd book. He died on January 8, 1642, at the age of 78. His finds about the timing of a pendulum swing, and that of how two objects of different weights autumn at the same velocity have benefited our society in more ways than are listable.

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