Galileo’s Observations and Modern Telescopic Innovations

4 April 2015
Comparing the contributions made by Galileo to the exploration of space using his telescope to the contributions made by others using modern telescopes.

A paper on the development of the telescope by Galileo Galilei. The author discusses the many theories borne from Galileo’s observations of the heavens.
`Centuries ago, a tube and two lenses were the only essentials needed to start the journey into the sky. This instrument, called a telescope, expanded the human vision and brought new light from beyond their world and beyond the already visible sky. It allowed mankind to explore the most distant places imaginable without leaving their backyard. Astronomers have studied the stars for centuries, and, with the aid of a telescope, have discovered new entities that exist in the universe. The first person to use this tool for astronomical purposes was Galileo Galilei. He was the first to turn a telescope up into the stars and make observations. His telescope was crude and not as powerful as telescopes today, but it was effective during his time. Although modern telescopes are far more powerful and extremely effective due to electronics, mirrors, and other enhancements to the design of the telescope, the observations and discoveries made by Galileo and his rudimentary telescope are just as significant as those made by telescopes today and in the future.`

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