Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth

8 August 2019

Anyone who listens to rap needs this CD and here is why. If these up-and-coming rappers have not reached your eardrums yet, listen up: the CD jumps at you with more great songs than any other. Gang Starr’s new release does have an “explicit lyrics” label, but the four-letter words were not overly used to the extent of stupidity.Gang Starr throws 20 songs at you that will make you bob your head the whole way, including “Militia,” which talks about him and his friends joining together against the people who have gone against them. Another track is “She Knows What She Wants,” which rhymes about a women who knows what she wants (meaning a guy and his money) and in order to get it, she will do anything. They also rap about the trap that she sets – and not getting sucked in. Another great song is “Make Money,” which basically talks about making and taking money throughout the year.

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There are many more great bass-booming tracks for you to enjoy.This CD is the best one out there and, if you enjoy listening to rap, you have to get your own, because they are flying off the shelves

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