Gangnam style by Psy

11 November 2019

Have ever heard Gangnam city ? That city is most rich city in the Korea, but that city has big issue because 70 % of people are not rich but a lot of people are overspending their money.And there is song that base on that city’s people problem. That is Gangnam style by psy. This song is really popular in the world everyone loves that song also Gangnam style hits over million view on the youtube, and Gangnam style was staying second place of billboard chart few weeks.
Everyone loved that song and almosteveryone was poisoned his special dance. That dance became his trade mark, whenever people think about him they think about his dance first. A lot of super stars posted his name or his music videoon their SNS, also he got invited from a lot of tv show.Thena lot of people watched his music video, so I think that is why he could be popular so easily.

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In the song, psy is basically talking about Gangnam city and Gangnam city’s people’s life.And on the lyrics psy ywas keep saying their afternoon and night are different and he was calling them reversal lady and guy, that means they are living different life so psy was trying to say they are buying stuff that they didn’t have buy which means overspending.
Personally I went Gangnam,it was fantastic and beautiful city, and I was standing on the street and I looked around, everyone was wearing expensive clothes, watch, ring and etc, but I was wearing just normal pants and shirts so I was embarrassed because of that.
There is big issue for that, I don’t think it’s not possible that everyone is wearing expensive clothes, so I thought everyone is overspending their money, and funny thing is they are enjoying their life just like Gangnam style’s lyrics.
Now I know that why people loved Gangnam style song, but what if Gangnam style doesn’t have satire lyrics and funny dance I don’t think Gangnam style will be good song.Also in Korean tv show psy said if you are making $100but you are using $10 that is fin but if you are make $10 but using $100 is not fine.
I want you think about yourself that you doing right or not.

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