Gangs Essay Research Paper Gangs and ViolenceI

9 September 2017

Gangs Essay, Research Paper

Gangs and Violence

I don? t think I was even witting that packs existed and were a job until 1991. That was the twelvemonth that my friend Steph and I went to see the film? Boyz in the Hood, ? directed by John Singleton. When we chose to see that film, we truly had no thought what it was approximately. We chose is for two grounds, one because nil that was playing at the clip except for? Boyz? looked remotely interesting, and two, Cuba Gooding Jr. had a function in it, and we both thought he was sort of cute. It ended up being one of the best films I have of all time seen. ? Boyz in the Hood? is a narrative about three immature work forces turning up in South Central Los Angeles, a metropolis where pack activity is really outstanding. This film does a great occupation of picturing mundane life in? The Hood, ? which is unluckily viciously violent at times. Singleton? s film ended up non merely entertaining me, but besides made me cognizant of the pack job that was, and still is, traveling on in our state today.

The film made me cognizant of the fact that packs were present in our state, but I was reasonably certain that pack force was a job merely in major metropoliss like Los Angeles and Chicago. I thought if there was even a hint of pack activity traveling on close to St. Cloud, Minnesota, the metropolis I was born and raised in, it was likely go oning in Minneapolis, possibly St. Paul, both far plenty off to non impact me. The truth was and is that pack force is a countrywide job that is go oning in most every metropolis. The figure of offenses committed by packs are on the rise every bit good. Even though the past few old ages the overall offense rate has either been stable or even dropping, there has been a steady addition of offenses committed by adolescents and immature grownups affiliated with packs.

For the past five old ages, I have been working at the St. Cloud Children? s Home. The Children? s Home is a residential intervention installation where striplings between the ages of 10 and 18 are placed, normally by the tribunal system, to have guidance and other services they may necessitate. The length of stay for those who are placed there is anyplace between six months and two old ages. Most of the occupants at the Children? s Home are at that place because they are repeat juvenile wrongdoers. I learned most of what I know about packs from working at that place. We have guest talkers and seminars on pack force routinely, but I think the most valuable information I received was from the childs who live at that place. I was surprised at the high figure of teens that were affiliated one manner or another with packs that come through the Children? s Home. The occupants who are placed there are from all over the province of Minnesota, non merely the Twin Cities. Listening to their narratives, some of which are really distressing, made me cognizant of merely how serious of a job pack force truly is.

What is a pack? A pack is an organized group of young person which may be involved in condemnable activities, force, drug usage and gross revenues, or any combination of the three. Why would a adolescent choose to be involved with something so negative, non to advert unsafe? Many people like to fault the media. Although I agree that some films and music tend to laud gan

gs and force, I believe the chief ground striplings become involved in packs is because their demands are non being met at place or in the community. Children who have absentee parents turn to gang members for support and to experience like they belong to a? Family. ? A missive ( Attached to my essay ) written by one of my pupils a few old ages ago negotiations about the demand to belong. She writes: ? They stick together as one, they love you like a brotha or a sista. The sort of love you might non acquire at place. Peoples join packs to be loved, to be person, to hold person there for them. ? I think parents paying more attending to their childs is likely the most effectual manner to diminish the figure of teens involved in packs. If parents make clip for their childs, communicate with them, and are cognizant of what is traveling on in their lives, they have better odds of forestalling their childs from fall ining packs.

In add-on to the household? s attempt to deter pack activity, I believe our community should take part as good. Forming a vicinity ticker group is a good topographic point to get down. Neighborhood informational meetings can educate members of our community as to how to acknowledge pack members and their activities. If community members stick together, are cognizant of their milieus, and are consistent in describing offenses and pack activity to the governments, they can maintain their vicinities, and more significantly their kids, safe and force free.

I think communities should besides supply plans and activities for their young person. If an stripling is involved in activities that keep them occupied, he or she will less probably hold the clip or the desire to acquire into problem. The Boys and Girls Club is a good illustration of an organisation that provides either free or low cost recreational activities, many of which are geared toward young person who are at hazard. Supplying employment and occupation plans are other options a community could see to maintain their young person busy. Communities who develop and fund plans to maintain childs occupied with positive activities will happen less of their young person turning to packs, merely because they won? T be bored.

I think the authorities besides needs to be involved if gang force is to diminish in our state. Their duty is chiefly fiscal. Money should be spent to educate members of society about the pack jobs in our state. The authorities should besides supply some of the support to develop plans to maintain childs off the streets. Possibly tougher Torahs and punishments for those who are charged with pack related offenses would be a hindrance. If our authorities wants its citizens to populate in the best environment possible, it should take a good expression at this job and take it really earnestly.

In decision, I believe the job of packs in our communities can non be diminished wholly, but it can be controlled. If households, communities, and the authorities all gather and utilize their resources, packs and force could sufficiently diminish in our state. With the coaction of these three groups, a kid will hold a greater opportunity of remaining off from packs and one twenty-four hours maturating into an grownup who will give back to their communities alternatively of take away from them.

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