Gardener Rudyard Kipling

11 November 2016

This is the foundation of a touching story under the title “Gardener” written by Rudyard Kipling. In fact, “The Gardener” is a deep fable revealing a great number of themes – agony and irrecoverable loss, undying love and overwhelming loneliness, the hate inspired by the war, death and religion, morality and many others. It is rather difficult to understand the depth of the story; it leaves much room for meditation and sets the reader thinking about the underlying message. The main character- Helen Turrell had to live in a lie.

She, a single woman, brought up her own son Michael as her nephew. Though she pretended to be a boy’s aunt, she tried to behave in a certain way that may help her and her son to stay out of trouble. Just before the boy to go to the Oxford University he joined army, but soon he perished. When Helen came to visit his grave, God showed her the place where her son lied, though she didn’t understand it was God, supposing him to be a gardener. The person of the gardener got mysterious value and the whole story became symbolical.

Gardener Rudyard Kipling Essay Example

Through epigraph and the end of the story we could suppose that the gardener at the cemetery symbolized the God or angel. The plot of the story “Gardener” is closely connected with events of Kipling’s life. In 1915 in battle near Loo (during the Vietnamese war ) was lost his eighteen-year son John. After war Kipling has visited a battle-field and many military cemeteries, but he didn’t manage to find a tomb of the son. The story touched upon the problem of agony and irrecoverable loss. It’s clear that a loss of a loved one is the greatest tragedy.

It has nothing to compare with; it that makes people grow older in one day and causes life-long agony in their souls. The story “Gardener” was called to express the pain of loss and to serve some consolation either to the author, and other people who have lost their relatives. To sum up, this story of the hidden suffering and guilt, consolation and the pain of bereavement touched me and made me think of lots of important things deeply. It is to be read between the lines. And everyone can find something special there.

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