Gardner’s Theory

6 June 2017

Gardner’s Theory is based on the premise that there are different areas in the brain that drive different functions. People have strengths in different areas and can be strong in multiple areas. Additionally, some functions can require strengths in multiple areas simultaneously in order to succeed with optimal performance. There are seven intelligences in his theory at this time with the potential for an eighth and ninth to be added.

Gardner states (2008), human beings, every one of us, possess all intelligences; however, no two individuals possess the same profile of intelligences, not even identical twins. The intelligence which I feel applies most closely to me is intrapersonal intelligence. As defined in our textbook materials: Learning Online and Achieving Lifelong Goals (2010), Intrapersonal Intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own feelings and motivations. I personally feel that I know myself very well and tend to understand why I make the decisions I do and where the riving force for my life comes from.

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I rarely let any outside forces Interfere with my Intent once I have made up my mind as to how I will proceed with any given task or challenge, knowing that I need to follow my motivation and be true to who I am more so than making someone else happy. This causes conflict with Interpersonal Intelligence because at times It can blind me to what other people may be feeling or prevent me from reacting to others even If I may have an Inkling of what their

Intentions may be. My Intrapersonal Intelligence far outweighs my Interpersonal Intelligence and ninety-nine percent of the time I will heed my Intrapersonal driving forces over my Interpersonal skills. Even In operating In this manner I feel that my Intrapersonal Intelligence shines through In that I understand my feelings and motivations and allow them to drive my decisions and therefore my actions.

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