Garth Brooks

6 June 2019

Country music has been known for its whining and sad songs. Not any more! Garth Brooks exploded on the scene with his songs, “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” followed by “The Dance.” These were both slow and then his second album “No Fences,” with his hit “The Thunder Rolls,” which proved that Garth wasn’t just another country singer. This album was followed by his latest: “Ropin’ the Wind,” which is no country album.

Rock-type songs like “Rodeo” and “Against the Grain,” prove that Garth is a rocker. Soft ballads, “What She’s Doing Now,” “Burning Bridges,” show the country side of Garth. The song, “Shameless,” brought Garth to the top of country and rock! If you like rock with a twist, check out Garth! n

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