Garth Brooks – Fresh Horses

11 November 2018

I recently acquired a Garth Brooks box set and can honestly say it has some of the best music I have ever heard. Already an avid fan, I was not surprised by the superfluous amount of magnificent music, but one album in particular grabbed my attention: “Fresh Horses.” I have listened to it once a day for the past two months. It seems every time I listen, I find something new, inspiring and brilliant.

“Fresh Horses” contains some of the most creative songwriting in recent country music, and Brooks co-wrote most of the songs. He manages to capture the meaning of each in his voice. One can hear the emotion in his tone, and he has a wide-range of vocal ability. Brooks sings effortlessly through the fast, old-fashioned songs like “The Old Stuff” and “Rollin,” then proves that he is one of the best classic country singers.

Brooks also ventures into slower, more vocally demanding song like “The Change.

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” This is sung flawlessly and has a deep and meaningful message about continuing to do what is just and right in this world. But most important, the song is about making a change in yourself before trying to change the world. As one can tell, this song deals with intense emotion that Brooks portrays perfectly.

This album is completely original, combining amazing producing with genius songwriting and flawless singing. Although I was already a Garth Brooks fan before I heard it, I was still surprised at his amazing talent. This album may be older, but it stands the test of time and continues to influence country artists today. If you are looking for an all-time great country album, “Fresh Horses” is it.

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