Gateway Drugs

4 April 2015
A paper that questions whether alcohol and tobacco use among teenagers leads to marijuana use.

The paper defines gateway drugs as those which could open the doors to illicit drugs like hallucinogens, marijuana, cocaine, etc. The paper describes the discussions on whether alcohol and tobacco use among teenagers leads to marijuana use and shows that the pros and cons may vary but it denied that the proponents of the “gateway theory” do have a point. There are others who argue that the facts and figures do not corroborate this aspect, yet it still can be said that the teenager who experiments with tobacco and alcohol often proceeds to illicit drugs at a later stage. The paper concludes that it is ultimately the task of parents and society as a whole to ensure that children do not use drugs.
“How often have we heard cases of teenagers shooting down their classmates in broad daylight, resorting to cold-blooded murder for no apparent reason! It is not even necessary that they would have showed any signs of delinquency in the past. What could have prompted them to such gory acts? The reasons can by many, but nothing that family support and affection could not have prevented. Or even for that matter, a friend in school who is willing to listen. Very rarely are such cases medically triggered, as no one is born a criminal. A sad aspect is that a large number of suicides too occur, as there is no one to hear the agonizing cries of a stressed out soul. A teenager with, what he surmises are insurmountable problems.”

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