Gateway to The Antisphere by Sulphur Aeon

9 September 2019

It seems like there are many metal bands who have dedicated at least one album or song to a childhood story enjoy. Blind Guardian and Gorgoroth with The Hobbit, Metallica with Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu, Fleshgod Apocalypse with ancient Greek myths and so on. Sulphur Aeon is influenced by the popular horror story by H. P. Lovecraft known as The Call of Cthulu. Sulphur Aeon is a German blackend death metal similar to that of the U.S.’s Leviathan and Poland’s Behemoth with Lovecraft being the only extra trick up their sleeve.
This album was much in the spirit of Swallowed By the Ocean Tide to a point where you can hear some easy resemblance from the two albums which, unless you’re trying to make a connecting storyline like Coheed and Cambria, never works at all in favor. However, that’s really the only thing that they seem to do wrong here. Remember when I said they were a “blackend” death metal band? Well it’s all die to their influences as well as their overall sound. You can definitely hear some features of both black and death metal like for black metal, the tremolo picking, repetitive music patterns, and alternating drums patterns are all featured. For death metal we have the guttural vocals, the brutal heaviness and the occasional breakdown-ish style are all featured as well. Being only 50 something minutes, you don’t have a long journey, but an epic one. You can feel like you’re trying to kill the mighty Cthulu and fight him in the water. You eventually die like everyone else whom he’s ever faced and all that crazy stuff, the music definitely sets the atmosphere for the epic underwater battle against Cthulu and it is nothing short of epic. The music is just brutal enough as well to truly exemplify the feeling of such a creature that’s probably as big as the average Hydra. So much atmosphere in just so little time.
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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