Gathering Of Old Men Essay Research Paper

10 October 2017

Gathering Of Old Men Essay, Research Paper

In A Gathering of Old Men, by Ernest J. Gaines, racism plays a immense portion of life

in the South. When a white adult male is found dead ; his household and friends start to garner to happen the adult male who did this. After clip these work forces start to imbibe and do a program to kill the adult male ; who merely happened to be black. This merely shows how even though the Civil was brought freedom to inkinesss, there is still hate towards them because of their tegument colour.

After clip the black work forces besides start to garner at Mathu? s house ( the adult male who murdered the white adult male ) and they all bring twelve gauge scattergun. The sheriff arrives and asks who killed that adult male, and all the black work forces say, ? it was me. ? The sheriff so threatens to take them all to prison, but he can non because he does non cognize who the slaying is.

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The sheriff cognizing the racism of the town ; has a deputy base on Mathus pavement to do certain nil happens. As clip goes by and the white work forces are get downing to acquire angry the adult male who? s boy was killed stairss in and says? this can non travel on any longer. ? This shows how afte

R clip colour or race does non count to people, and how after clip a adult male is a adult male and a adult female is a adult female.

This upsets the remainder of the work forces even more because this shows them how they are non superior to the black work forces any longer. As clip goes on the sheriff is get downing to worry even more ; because he knows the work forces have been imbibing overly. When dark falls the sheriff and his work forces go place, praying that nil will go on. By this clip the white work forces are really intoxicated and want retaliation. To the white work forces? s surprise when they arrive to Mathu? s house they are out numbered at least two to one. The white work forces realize that they are traveling to free one time once more. When the white work forces start to hit this shows how infantile people are when they are non on top of the universe. The white work forces all dice and prevarication dead in the street when the sheriff arrives the following forenoon. Even though six work forces were killed the sheriff does non make anything because he knows the whit work forces were the cause.

When the colour of a individual? s tegument or their faith means adequate to people to kill them, it is infantile and this should be put to a halt.

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