Gatsby And Goodbye Columbus Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Gatsby And Goodbye Columbus Essay, Research Paper

Sometimes there are two novels that have the same subject, and sometimes they have the same secret plan, but in the instance of the two novels, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the fresh Goodbye Columbus, by Philip Roth they explore the same kineticss of the pursuit of the American dream. In both novels there are similar subjects, they both use the thought of sex and money as a signifier of power. Both novels can associate to each other because the writers decided to demo how the chase of the American dream may non ever be a good thing, and how sex and money can do jobs in that chase. Overall in both of the novels the reoccurring subject of sex, money and the hunt for the American dream is present and in both novels the writers show that merely because it may look like person may hold everything, that is non ever the instance.

The thought of the new universe verses the old universe is a major premiss in the fresh Goodbye Columbus. In this novel there are two households who live really different lives. The Patimkin household, and the Klugman household. They represent the battle between the new and old universe. The Patimkin household is the affluent middle-class household and they live in the hills, they besides belong to the state nine, which is a representation of holding money and populating the American dream. The thought of belonging to the state nine is a major portion of the novel. The state nine gave the Patimkin? s a reproduction of in-between category life in America. Since the Patimkin? s were Judaic they didn? Ts have the chance to belong to a regular state nine, they belonged to the Judaic one, which is why it was the closest reproduction of the American dream to them, because they were non allowed to be portion of the non-Jewish state nines. The Patimikin? s represent the new universe, they achieved higher success and they are able to place with the non-Jewish portion of in-between category society a batch more so their fellow Judaic immigrants who have non to the full assimilated to society.

On the other side of the coin there is the Klugman household. They represent the old universe. They live in the vale with the remainder of the Judaic immigrants and they live sparingly because they do non hold that much and they have non gained much success in their lives while life in the United States. The two characters that represent the old and new universe are Brenda Patimkin and Neil Klugman. To Neil, Brenda represents what he does non hold, money and position within the Jewish community. Her household can belong to the state nine and they can afford to hold nice things. Brenda besides represents sex to Neil hence she represents two of the major subjects of the novel, sex and money. To Neil there are many differences in the Patimkin household that make them really different from his ain. They are able to eat in the dining room alternatively of the kitchen. They have a amah that makes the repasts and cleans up after them. They besides have a icebox full of fruit that is ever full. This is all the ideal life for Neil, and when you put Brenda in the mix you have Neil? s perfect universe. If he could go portion of the Patimkin household he would hold sex, money and in kernel the American dream.

Those three thoughts are besides present in the novel The Great Gatsby. In this fresh the two universes are divided by old and new money, alternatively of the thought of assimilation to society after in-migration. In this novel, where you live determines your wealth, merely as it did in the fresh Goodbye Columbus. In The Great Gatsby the thought of wealth stand foring power is the most prevailing facet of the novel. The rubric character Jay Gatsby, is affluent and he lives in the new money side of town. The love of his life is Daisy Buchannan, and she lives on the old money side of town. Their love is similar to that of Neil and Brenda. They are symbols of two different universes, yet they find love, but in both of instances the love does non stop happy. It is a mark that possibly what you think is perfect and what you think is right for you is non ever the instance. In The Great Gatsby the subject of sex is besides a reoccurring one, many of the characters use sex as a signifier of power. It is easy to see that in both of the novels sex and money go manus in manus. Daisy and Gatsby wear? Ts have the same jobs that Brenda and Neil have, and they don? Ts have as large of a job covering with the different universes as they do. Their connexion is in the subjects, both work forces see the adult females as sex objects and they both see them as a symbol of money. In the instance of Gatsby, he does non see Daisy as a symbol of money every bit much as Neil sees Brenda that manner, but it is merely because Gatsby has his ain luck, and Neil does non. Yet Daisy is a representation of a adult females in the elect upper category, she has a high position in society, and she has besides grown up in wealth, something Gatsby did non make. So to him she does stand for something higher, merely like Brenda does with Neil.

The adult females in both novels have a immense impact on the subjects. Daisy comes from a privileged household and has ever grown up in wealth, she h

as a high position in her community and she is ever acquiring work forces to fall in love with her. She has a appeal and she is a symbol of higher position in society. She is used to acquiring what she wants. Brenda is really similar to Daisy in the fact that she represents a higher position for adult females in society besides. She has non ever grown up in wealth, but she is non that old, and hence she has non had that much clip without it. In her family she is treated like a princess, she is given everything she wants and her male parent treats her like she has a high standing in society, but her society is truly little in comparing to Daisy? s. She excessively, like Daisy is used to acquiring what she wants. Both adult females have a strong clasp on the adult male in their lives, they represent what both work forces want, but will ne’er hold. Gatsby wants to hold Daisy, but she is married and hence he merely lives his life desiring her, in Neil? s instance he has Brenda, but non truly because she is able to command every facet of their relationship. The adult females in both of the novels are representations of the subject of money and power.

The subject of sex is present in both The Great Gatsby and in Goodbye Columbus. In The Great Gatsby, the fresh focal points on one adult males compulsion with a married adult female. There is besides a great trade of excess matrimonial personal businesss traveling on in the novel. Daisy? s hubby is ever holding an matter, and for much of the novel he is holding an matter with another married adult female. The characters in the novel usage sex as a manner to derive power and they use it to besides turn out their power. Daisy? s hubby is ever holding an matter to demo that he can make whatever it is he wants to make. The adult females he is holding an matter with, Myrtle is making it to increase her position in society. When she is with Tom and when she is at their secret topographic point in the metropolis she feels like she is a affluent individual, something that her ain hubby can non give her. To each of the characters person else represents something that they want, and they use sex as a manner to derive it. Even though Neil is in love with Brenda he still sees her as a manner to derive a better life for himself. While he is at her house he is ever taking advantage of the fact that they have nicer things and that they ever have a full icebox of fresh fruit. The fruit itself is alien and represents something affluent people have, his household can non afford to hold the fruit, therefore he eats an abundant sum while he is at the Patimkins, and he even takes some and fells it in his pocket.

For all of these characters the narrative does non stop merrily. For Gatsby you find out that he is non truly in love with Daisy, but the thought of her. He remembers what they had together a long clip ago, and he sets his sights on holding her once more, but what he truly wants is non Daisy herself, but the phantasy that he has created. You besides find out that he is non a really admirable individual, but one that has lost all sense of world. As the narrative goes on he has lost touch with the existent universe and has moved into a universe of phantasy that he has created for himself. We besides come to recognize that Daisy is non the image of flawlessness herself. Fitzgerald spends most of the novel doing Daisy out to look guiltless, pure and perfect. By the terminal of the novel you find out that she is non what everyone thought she was, she turns out to be a really selfish, acrimonious adult female who is truly non worthy of the attending she gets from all of the work forces.

In the other fresh Neil had another docket for traveling out with Brenda. He knew that get marrieding into her household would give him a higher position in life. He besides loved her, but he excessively, like Gatsby was more in love with the thought of holding Brenda so Brenda herself. By the terminal of the novel Neil could non stand the fact that Brenda was able to make whatever she wanted in the relationship and this caused him to overreact and coerce her to make something she didn? Ts truly want to make. Brenda excessively had her mistakes, she was raised believing she was a princess, merely as Daisy thought that she was particular because she had ever been raised as a affluent immature miss, and both adult females ever got what they wanted. So when Brenda was with Neil she expected him to handle her the same manner her male parent had ever treated her, and she expected to acquire what she wanted when she wanted it. The struggle between what each individual wanted is what lead to the terminal of both novels. In Goodbye Columbus Neil and Brenda split after Neil realizes that he wants a manner out of the relationship, so the two end up interrupting up in the terminal. In The Great Gatsby Daisy and Gatsby ne’er end up together, but Gatsby? s undying devotedness to Daisy does stop up acquiring him killed. This shows that the subject of sex in both novels is at that place to turn out that it is non ever the best thing to hold and that it is non the foundation for a really good relationship. The subject of sex has more to make with holding power, which is something that all of the characters in both novels dream about holding.


The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Goodbye Columbus, by Philip Roth

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