Gatsby Essay Research Paper Similarities between Characters

9 September 2017

Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Gatsby Essay Research Paper Similarities between Characters Essay Example

Similarities between Fictional characters in the Story and Fitzgerald

Like the characters in his novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald live an excessive life during the Jazz Age in which he partied difficult, unaccustomed to his newfound wealth. Fitzgerald merely wrote about the things that so many American s had heard about but ne’er been to ; Parties on East Egg with free fluxing intoxicant, or bootlegging spirits. Fitzgerald s experiences would non hold been the same if it wasn T for things that were traveling on in the 1920 s ; Prohibition, and a lifting stock market with no clang in site. Prohibition made it so people like Gatsby could go millionaires easy by bootlegging intoxicant. Fitzgerald lived what he wrote.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1897 and was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. Despite being an mean pupil Fitzgerald got into Princeton. Fitzgerald was around the same age as most of the of import characters in the novel. Nick Carraway was from Minnesota excessively and was educated at an Ivy League school ( Yale ) . After holding problem at Princeton Fitzgerald enlisted in the ground forces in 1917. Nick fought during World War I and Jay Gatsby had one time been developing to be an officer. Nick is honest and tends to detain his opinions. & # 8220 ; Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the central virtuousnesss, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have of all time known, & # 8221 ; Nick said about himself.

While stationed in Alabama Fitzgerald meets a beautiful 17 year-old named Zelda Sayre. Zelda holds off their nuptials until Fitzgerald is wealthier. Gatsby meets Daisy while being an officer but he doesn t get to get married her, she told Gatsby to wait for her but she doesn t maintain her word and marries Tom Buchanan. Like Nick, Gatsby moves to

the East after World War I. The characters in the narrative darnel on their partners frequently which makes me believe Fitzgerald possibly did with Zelda. “Her voice is full of money, ” Gatsby says about Daisy.

Like Gatsby, Fitzgerald valued wealth and degeneracy more than anything else. They both throw munificent parties chiefly to affect others ( Daisy for Gatsby and Zelda for Fitzgerald ) . Like Fitzgerald, Nick was infatuated by the wealthy. Fitzgerald and Gatsby weren T merely pleased with the American dream they had to demo how rich they were and do an feeling on others. & # 8220 ; And Gatsby was overpoweringly cognizant of the young person and enigma that wealth imprisons and conserves, of the freshness of many apparels and of Daisy, glittering like Ag, safe and proud above the hot battles of the poor. & # 8221 ;

The Jazz Age didn T span the whole decennary, the stock market crashed in 1929 directing the new rich back to where they started, and prohibition was repealed. Fitzgerald died of a bosom onslaught on December 21, 1940 in Sheilah Graham s flat. Sheilah Graham was a film editorialist that Fitzgerald had fallen in love with while working in Hollywood as a film writer. Fitzgerald died believing himself a failure and battling alcohol addiction. Zelda Fitzgerald perished in a fire in Highland Hospital in 1948 after floating in and out of mental establishments.

Fitzgerald lived what he wrote. Fitzgerald influenced The Great Gatsby to a great extent. Each character in the narrative has a certain trait that Fitzgerald had. Fitzgerald was more qualified to compose about the Jazz Age than anyone else. He grew up in Minnesota and was educated in the Ivy League, so moved to the East after being in the ground forces like Nick. He fell in love with a miss while in preparation in the South like Tom, and his married woman Zelda was like Daisy because she cherished money.

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