The Great Gatsby Summary Nick Carraway, the narrator, has recently moved to get his career started in New York. Nick moved to the West Egg also known as the “new money” island which is across the East Egg known as the “old money” island where his cousin Daisy Buchanan lives with his friend Tom Buchanan. Tom is cheating on Daisy with a lady named Myrtle Wilson and only Daisy and Mr. Wilson are unaware of this.

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Nick is a neighbor to a mysterious character named Gatsby, who throws fabulous arties, but no one knows him or his story. Nick and Gatsby become friends, and with Gatsby, Nick learns that Gatsby is In love with Daisy and that they were going to get married when they were younger, but Gatsby was not wealthy enough or recognizable and he delayed the marriage. Gatsby asks Nick to call his cousin over so that he can reunite with Daisy after years with his new found extreme wealth and reputation.

Tom being suspicious of Gatsby tries to prove that Gatsby Is but an Image. Daisy becomes infuriated at Tom’s patronizing and chauvinistic attitude, and threatens to leave Tom for Gatsby. But, she later discovers that Gatsby is not what he claims to be. but his source of wealth Is though bootlegging. After the discovery, Daisy refuses to leave Tom for Gatsby, and demands Gatsby to drive her home. Daisy driving. hits someone suddenly. which was Myrtle Wilson. Tom’s second love. Mr.

Wilson discovers his wife’s business, and questions around about the owner of the car that killed his wife. The car was a bright yellow, one of a kind and immediately recognizable car that belongs to the Great Gatsby. Mr. Wilson assuming that Gatsby was driving. goes to Gatsby’s castle and shoots Gatsby In his pool, and then commits suicide. No one attends Gatsbrs funeral except for Nick and his father. Tom and Daisy go to Chicago and Nick never sees or hears from them again.

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