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9 September 2017

Gawain Questions Essay, Research Paper

To Be or Not To Be? . A knight To be or non to be? a Knight truly is the

inquiry presented through this narrative, which is a narrative of Gawains tests and

trials on his journey to the Green Chapel. First, before admiting

Gawain as being or non being a knight, one must foremost cognize what a knight is. In

mention to the Pentangle a knight or Gawain must be: “ ? foremost, he was

faultless in his five senses, Nor found of all time to neglect in his five fingers, And

all his allegiance was fixed upon the five lesions That Christ got on the cross, as

the credo tells ; ? That all his force was founded on the five joys That the

high Queen of Eden had in her kid. ? The fifth of the five fives followed

by the knight Were beneficence boundless and brotherly love And pure head and

manners, that none might impeach, And compassion most precious-these peerless

five Were forged and made fast in him, foremost of work forces. ” ( Ll. 640-655 ) This

extract from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight demonstrates on what a knight

should be when looked upon from the Pentangle manner of being a knight. What

pertain to the Natural/Real Realm would be the five senses and five fingers. The

five senses portion is used to derive cognition of the universe and worldly pay. The

five fingers are the workss that are done. What pertain to the Religious,

Spiritual, Christian Realm would be the religion in the five lesions of Christ would

be Fealty and Force. Allegiance is the fidelity in the five lesions of Christ.

Force or the force in conflict is inspired by the five joys of Mary. What pertain

to the Chivalric Realm are Beneficence, Brotherly Love & A ; Truth, Pure Mind,

Mannerss, and Pite. Beneficence pertains to the generousness that the knight

bestows. Brotherly Love & A ; Truth pertains to the family and truth in

which the knight bestows. Pure Mind pertains to the celibacy that the knight

shows through his brushs with adult females and their enticements. Mannerss pertains

to the courtesy that the knight shows to the people that he comes upon. Pite, or

piousness, pertains to the compassion that the knight shows when he encounters

different state of affairss. ( GP ) The storyteller defines Gawain as being: “ ? in

good plants, as gold unalloyed, devoid of all villainousnesss, with virtuousnesss adorned in

sight. ” ( Ll. 633-635 ) This fundamentally states that he was a theoretical account of a good

cat. He kept himself out of problem, we know this by ground of the storyteller

saying that Gawain was the “ Devoid of all villainousness. ” This statement

says that Gawain is missing in any kind of immorality. It seems to be that the Green

Knight symbolically represents a nefarious being that clangs in on a party to

play a medieval “ Russian Roulette. ” In making so causes an turbulence

among the Knights of the Round Table. The Green Knight storms in and asks

person to chop his caput off. At this portion of the narrative it seems rather

questionable as to his grounds for making so. Gawain responds to the decapitation

game challenge in a low, yet epic sense. After the Green Knight flatboats into

King Arthur & # 8217 ; s tribunal and criticizes the Knights of the Round Table stating,

“ Where is now your haughtiness and your amazing workss? for all cower and

temblor? ” ( cubic decimeter. 87, 91 ) The Green Knight is now stating that the Knights of the

Round Table are cowards. He is naming them out. The lone one to accept the

challenge is Arthur purely to demo that he is non a coward. Just as Arthur is

about to behead the Green Knight Gawain speaks up and says, “ I beseech,

before all here, that this scrimmage may be mine. ” ( l. 115-116 ) Here Gawain is

talking up and stating Arthur that if anyone will make this that it will be him.

Gawain shows a great trade of bravery in accepting this challenge for the ground

that no 1 else, aside from Arthur, would demur the challenge. Gawain discoveries

cordial reception and shelter at the palace of Bercilak, unbeknownst to Gawain, the

Green Knight. Bercilak made an understanding that “ whatever I win in the forests

I will give you at Eves, and all you have earned you must offer me. ” ( Ll.

1105-1107 ) This understanding that was made agencies that whatever Gawain gets in the

palace he must give back to Bercilak. This understanding is complicated for the

ground that Bercilak & # 8217 ; s married woman is seeking to score Gawain. With so some many

Christian elements present, it could be argued that symbolically that Bercilak & # 8217 ; s

palace is the Garden of Eden with Gawain being Adam. Here, Gawain enters a topographic point

that is highly beautiful such as the Garden of Eden would be. God provided

the garden for Adam and Bercilak is the 1 who provides the palace for Gawain,

so Bercilak could symbolically be God. Therefore Bercilak & # 8217 ; s married woman would

perceivably be Eve, since she provides the enticement for Gawain. The enticement

& gt ; would so be “ eating the apple, ” or in Gawains instance, subjecting to

Bercilaks & # 8217 ; married woman & # 8217 ; s demands. Gawains celibacy is being put on trial through

Bercilak & # 8217 ; s married woman & # 8217 ; s changeless enticements. Gawain allows the married woman to snog him on

two occasions on two separate yearss. After the happening of these busss Gawain

goes back to the host and gives him a buss every bit good. The lone gift that Gawain

did non give to the host was that of the girdle, which in medieval times was a

mark of good luck. Gawain does non maintain his word through the maintaining of the

girdle. The storyteller said that Gawains & # 8217 ; “ strategy were baronial, ” ( Ll.

1858 ) but he still had broken his promise. Gawain leaves the palace in hunt

for the Green Chapel on New Year & # 8217 ; s Day. It seems to be that Gawain is siting to

the Green Chapel, when in fact we, the reader, believe that he is siting to his

decease. By traveling to the Green Chapel Gawain is seeking to do himself look as

baronial and heroic as possible. By traveling with the girdle he is doing himself look

cowardliness and afraid of decease, when: “ A knight does non justly have to

fright a bodily lesion, since he should have the universe & # 8217 ; s congratulationss for it. But he

should fear the lesions of the spirit, which blind, incurable lust inflicts with

fiery darts. Bodily lesions are to be healed, but non Galen will do a adult male well

who is ill with love. ” ( LL ) Gawain even acknowledges his mistake when he

says, “ Accursed be a fearful and envious bosom! In you is villainy and

frailty, and virtuousness laid low! ” ( l. 465-466 ) In this episode the Green Knight

is made out to be, slightly, of a male parent figure to Gawain. The Green Knight

corrects Gawains mistakes and points him in the right way. The Green Knight

shows Gawain Brotherly Love by non decapitating him and informs Gawain of what to

make. The Green Knight may besides be seen as a priest shriving Gawain from his wickednesss

when he states, “ Such injury as I have had, I hold it rather healed. You are

so to the full confessed, your weaknesss made known, and bear the field repentance of the

point of my blade, I hold you polished as a pearl, as pure and every bit bright as you

lived free of mistake since first you were born. ” The game is eventually played

out with the Green Knight forgiving Gawain as shown in the citation above.

Gawain is being tested in a many different sum of ways ; such as Bercilaks & # 8217 ;

testing of Gawains truth and manners every bit good as his celibacy through the

enticements with Bercilaks & # 8217 ; married woman every bit good as through the understanding that they

brand. Equally good as the Pentangle trial, i.e. Gawain populating up to knightly

criterions. In most ways Gawain passes the trial, such as: Gawain giving back the

busss, every bit good as him really looking for the Green Chapel. He fails through

one thing, which is non giving the girdle to Bercilak. By maintaining the girdle

Gawain makes himself seem frightened of decease which goes against the construct of

knighthood. A knight should ne’er be afraid of decease, which Gawain realizes

after the Green Knight brings up the fact about the girdle. Gawain realizes his

error and repents, in making so Gawain passes the trial and the Green Knight

Lashkar-e-Taibas him travel without chopping his caput off. Even though Gawain is non perfect he

is still held with the highest of criterions in Arthur & # 8217 ; s head every bit good the heads

of the other Knights of the Round Table. I believe that Gawain could be

described as a Stoic for the ground that Gawain, every bit good as Stoics emphasized

moralss as the chief field of cognition. Gawain exhibited Stoicism in legion

topographic points ; one of the major exhibitions was through the symbolism of the Pentangle.

Stoicism was put into drama through Gawains inconsistent gallantry with Bercilak

every bit good as his married woman in most instances. Gawain did non let Bercilak & # 8217 ; s married woman to

wholly score him, but Gawain did let her to snog him. He upheld most of

the trade with Bercilak, except with the girdle. This is what is meant by Sir gawains

inconsistent gallantry. In decision, through the Green Knight & # 8217 ; s trials, we see

that Gawain is non the perfect knight he strives to be. Neither the reader, nor

the Green Knight, nor his fellow knights of the Round Table hold him to this

criterion of flawlessness. Through reading about the convulsion Gawain experiences

believing about his impending decease at the custodies of the Green Knight, leads the

reader to understand why he accepts the girdle. It is easy to see why he remains

true until his fright of decease overcomes him. All this proves he is merely human.

Yet Gawain merely sees that he has been inconsistent in continuing the chivalric

codification, and this means failure to him. This is an indicant of the criterion

Gawain has set for himself, thereby demoing why he had the repute he had.

Despite all that happened, Gawain is still a loyal, baronial, honest and gracious



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