Gay and Lesbian Parenting

4 April 2015
A study on the issue of homosexual parenting.

This paper examines various opinions regarding the topic of gay and lesbian parenting. It illustrates clearly that gays and lesbian parents are mentally and emotionally stable enough to provide their children with love, support and attention that they require for success in all areas of life. The commons myths are addressed in this paper and are dispelled as being groundless in fact. This paper also discusses several court rulings concerning this issue.
“The Courts in the United States have tried repeatedly to provide children with a family setting which is recognized by American Family Law. Even the societal changes, which are currently taking place in family structures, the society itself and the legal system of our country have failed to see beyond the myths and misconceptions associated with alternative family structure. Millions of gays and lesbians are now trying to become parents through adoption, insemination and surrogate procedures. No matter which method is finally chosen, it has been repeatedly proven by researchers and pediatric professionals that gay couples are absolutely capable of providing love, support and moral values required for healthy mental and emotional development of children. ”

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