Gay Marriages Essay Research Paper The constitution

Gay Marriages Essay, Research Paper

The fundamental law states that all work forces are created equal. If this is true, so why is at that place so much contention affecting a individual & # 8217 ; s sexual penchant? Martin Luther King said it best when he stated that everyone has a dream. Why so rain on person & # 8217 ; s dream when all they want to make is love each other? Homosexuals are contending for what they deserve: the freedom that every citizen has the right to love whoever they want to.

Let us discourse what cheery relationships are truly all about. The stereotype has it that homosexualism is merely approximately & # 8220 ; dirty & # 8221 ; sex. On the other manus, homosexualism is simply a penchant and much more about love and fondness. All relationships, including cheery 1s, are based on common attractive force, love and fondness. Peoples in love get married everyday so what injury is done to society if a jurisprudence is passed legalising same sex matrimonies? I say allow them take their lives how they see fit. People & # 8217 ; s stereotypes and society & # 8217 ; s hypocritical positions on people all affect the homosexual community in making their ends.

Peoples are unreal when the subject of homosexualism is concerned. Normal society will state they are in favour of equal rights for homophiles, but when speaking about same sex matrimony, the society does non hold with that. Statisticss show that about three in four people are against cheery matrimonies. The ground for that is that normal persons do non cognize what the significance of homosexualism is. The different definitions of what matrimony should be struggle between homophiles and straight persons. Peoples oppose cheery matrimonies because it is based on the premise that homosexuals have a pick in who they can experience attracted to, but world is different. Many people believe that homosexuals could take to be heterosexual if they truly wanted to. But in kernel, most homophiles do non hold a pick.

Gay twosomes are capable of loving kids as consecutive twosomes. Although, society does non accept the thought of homosexual twosomes raising kids. I do non understand why that would be a job. The ground being that scientific

surveies have shown kids raised with normal parents and homosexual parents are the same. Psychologists tell us that what makes the difference is the love given from the parents, non the gender. It is fact that many homosexuals twosomes raise adopted kids and with every bit much love and attention as a heterosexual twosome would raise their kids.

Additionally, many people believe that homosexualism in general is merely about sex but it is more than that. Homosexual matrimonies should non hold any consequence on homophiles today. Homosexuals do non trouble oneself anyone and maintain to themselves. Logically, no injury is done in our society because they lead their ain private lives. Gay communities are built to assist each other and to back up the rights of homophiles when they are being threatened. They want to hold the same rights as straight persons have so they can populate their lives peacefully and fruitfully in society. As I can see today, homophiles are harmless people, extremely educated and progressive in the humanistic disciplines and concern. Since they can gain a life for themselves, and demo love to one another, authorities should esteem their picks and human rights.

The homosexual community is unafraid. They are unafraid because they have fought so many conflicts in clang between homophobic people and themselves. Peoples are non really open minded when it comes to the homosexual community. They fear that homophiles will pervert them in some manner or are unsafe to their kids. These thoughts are all portion of society & # 8217 ; s deceptive positions. Not merely are homophiles looked down upon because of their sexual penchant, but besides the favoritism is worse when minorities are involved. By and large, people should be treated every bit no affair what. The manner you live your personal life is your pick, non the pick of the authorities or society.

In the fundamental law, it states that every homo being has the right to privateness. So, why can homosexuals non pattern their ain right for privateness? Why can they non acquire married? Any Jack and Jill on the street can acquire & # 8220 ; hitched. & # 8221 ; I think it is clip for Jack and Jack to hold a nice ceremonial excessively.

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