Gay Marriages Essay Research Paper When you

8 August 2017

Tiil Death Do You Part Essay, Research Paper

Gay Marriages Essay Research Paper When you Essay Example

? Till Death do You Separate? ?

When you are born in America or legalized as a citizen, you are granted certain inalienable rights under the fundamental law and the declaration of independency. We are granted the freedom of address, freedom of imperativeness, freedom of faith, the right to vote, right to bear weaponries and the right to the chase of felicity. But is this truly the instance? Are the citizens of the United States truly every bit free as they believe? I say no!

Today I am here to expose a great unfairness in Americas judicial system. First I will explicate the inside informations of this unfairness, secondly I will take you through what its like to be a victim of this unfairness and in conclusion I will state you how YOU can be portion of the solution.

So, are you REALLY every bit free as you believe? ? Do you REALLY hold all this freedom guaranteed by the authorities of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? ? For most of us, yes but for a turning figure this alleged? freedom? is going more and more of an semblance everyday. I & # 8217 ; m speaking about the freedom to marry whom EVER you chose. Right now in the US you have the right to take when you marry, how many times you marry, where you marry and who you are married by, but still TODAY in our state you can non take the sex of your partner. Still in the U.S. same sex matrimonies are illegal and non recognized by the province. It is illegal for this con seek & # 8217 ; s citizens to know apart on the footing of sex, race, faith, ethic background or SEXUAL PREFERENCE so why is it that our authorities feels that THEY hold hat right? I believe that same sex matrimonies should be recognized as? sanctum marriage? in all 50 provinces.

Take Meagan Murphy and Laura Carson for illustration. This immature homosexual twosome dated for many old ages and went though a batch before they decided that they wanted to pass the remainder of their lives together. But how were they to travel about making so? The province of Michigan certain wasn & # 8217 ; t about to allow them, that & # 8217 ; s for certain. In Michigan like all but 1 other province ( Hawaii ) same sex matrimonies aren & # 8217 ; t matrimonies at all! When put into a legal position homosexual matrimonies do non acquire any of the rights that straight 1s are granted. If 1/2 or a homosexual or sapphic twosome is in a infirmary state of affairs where merely household members can see, his or her spouse does non hold the right to travel see them, and if brought into a tribunal of jurisprudence for some condemnable act one spouse can be required by the jurisprudence to attest against the other where as legal twosomes are non. Another major is

Sue is insurance benefits. If a spouse in a homosexual relationship dies the other individual does non have a penny as would the partner in a heterosexual matrimony, even though the staying spouse in the homosexual relationship still has to get by with the loss of 1/2 of the rewards of that family.

As for Meagan and Carson they were forced to make what many homosexual or sapphic twosome do when the demand for a finalisation of the relationship arises. They had what is called a & # 8220 ; committedness ceremonial? . Its precisely like a traditional nuptials with one minor difference, there was no priest to legalise the? brotherhood of these two psyches? . Is this just? Who can state that these two people aren & # 8217 ; T in love sufficiency to be lawfully wed? How can we be granted so many freedoms but yet be denied this one?

Under the we are granted? the freedom to the chase of felicity & # 8221 ; and harmonizing to the supreme tribunal & # 8220 ; The freedom to get married has long been recognized as one of the critical personal rights indispensable to the orderly chase of felicity by free men. & # 8221 ; So if we have the & # 8220 ; legal & # 8221 ; right to the chase of felicity and if, harmonizing to the supreme tribunal, matrimony is so critical in that chase how can they candidly say that it is illegal in the eyes of the provinces to get married person of the same gender! I feel that the authorities demand to cast their hypocritical base on this subject.

Marriage is no new subject of treatment up on capital hill either. Throughout the history of the United States our authorities hasn & # 8217 ; t had the best of judgement when it comes to the? legal? sanctutity of matrimony. Prior to the civil war, Afro-Americans were non allowed to get married in 39 provinces, Prior to 1967 inter-racial twosomes were non allowed to get married in 40 provinces. Presently, in 49 provinces, homophiles are non allowed to get married.

Now that I have brought to your understanding that this is a Problem in this state I will convey to your attending the solution. DON & # 8217 ; T ACCEPT IT. Don & # 8217 ; t turn and look the other manner stating & # 8220 ; that & # 8217 ; s awful, its to bad that our authorities feels that manner about homosexual matrimony? . Get up and make something about it! You can make so many things from composing letters to your local legislative assembly or go toing mass meetings and presentations to even merely subscribing a request. When the polls are unfastened for the presidential election of 2000 return into consideration the campaigners stand on this issue. Its said that? matrimony is the binding of two so in love they are willing to subject their psyches to one another. ? Now who is anyone to stand in the manner of that?

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