Gays in the Army

4 April 2015
A comparison of the restrictions of gays in the American army to the previous restriction of women in the army.

This paper examines the present restrictions that forbids gays from enlisting in the U.S. army. It compares this stance with the prohibition of women in combat units, which has subsequently been lifted. The writer shows how many now consider women to be an asset in the military. The author explains how the homosexual community hopes that this trend of acceptance will be extended to them as well.
“The question of whether gays should be allowed in the military involves complex arguments not just on the issue of fairness to gays and others in a democratic society but also on the role of the military and any special concerns that have to be considered when creating policy for the military. The issue has been much discussed in recent years and is similar in tone to the argument formerly raised for admitting women into the military, though there are significant differences as well. Some of the primary reasons given for keeping women out of the service have also been advanced in a modified form for keeping gays out of the military, so the experience the military has had with women is instructive.”

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