Gazing into the future

5 May 2019

TECHY. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Techy”? Do you think it even exist in the dictionary? According to Urban dictionary, it is someone who has a particular affinity and/or obsession with technology. We now live in a world full of technology. Technology involves the design and production of innovative and creative products to meet the needs and wants of others. Many people see technology as a solution to some of the problems that exist on our planet. It’s true that technology can be used for good, but with new developments come new challenge issues. Technology is associated with innovation. It involves the transformation of ideas into something useful. In fact, there are various breakthroughs in different fields. Technology has made our life easier with its new innovations that are making a vast change in our world. These innovations draw on a range of fields including medicine, agriculture and transportation.

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Modern technological inventions in the field of medicine have revolutionized the way medical practitioners check and treat their patients. Through technological breakthroughs, the world has discovered various cures and preventive vaccines and medicines for specific diseases. One of these is the anti-bleeding gel that instantly seals a wound and starts the clotting process which creates a synthetic framework that mimics the extra-cellular matrix that helps the body grow together according to an article by Landolina, Miller (2013). Also, we now have this pollen vaccine that is efficient, painless, can be self-administered and can induce both systemic and mucosal immune responses, which enhance protection. This vaccine protects against a range of infectious diseases that is more easily administered and more easily transported for deployed troops according to an article by Gill (2013). In addition, there is this magnetic levitation that creates realistic human tissue using nano-magnets that allowed lab-grown tissue to levitate above a nutrient solution according to an article by Souza (2013). New discoveries like these could vastly change the way medication can be given to humans.

The enormous progress in technology is responsible for the great forward revolution in the field of agriculture. The technological advances have touched the field of agriculture. We now have various innovations in this field that helps farmers to improve their crops and grains. One of these innovations is the Telematics that is a program that allows navigation, prescription application, location and other data to be transferred easily to and from farm machinery. This system helps farmers improve efficiencies on high-priced equipment and simplify the transfer of field data such as A/B lines, spraying prescriptions and real-time yields to and from tractors, sprayers according to an article by Deere, AGCO (2013). Moreover, we have this nitrogen utilizing machine that produces the same amount of corn with less applied nitrogen or improved yield with the same amount of nitrogen. This reduces the amount of nitrogen fertilizer that is lost by farmers every year due to leaching into the air, soil and waterways according to an article by Nielsen (2013). In addition, there is this soil and crop sensor can read everything from plant health and water needs in the crop to nitrogen levels in the soil and also helps optimize water use and avoid yield loss according to an article by Adamchuk (2013). Discoveries of technological innovations have meant that there’s greater productivity and prosperity in the field of Agriculture.

Advances in technology play a key role in shaping transportation systems, which in turn helps to shape our lives, landscapes, and culture. Technology has affected society and transportation in number of ways. We now have this giant inflatable airship that runs on algae – latest bio-fuel that can be developed from brackish and waste water can hover over an area for up to 7 days continuously which gives it an edge as an aerial watch dog. This airship is utilized for uses as diverse as sightseeing, carrying heavy loads, as near-space satellite for broadcasting communications, weather watch, and geophysical surveying and monitoring any untoward events like oil spills according to an article by Judd (2010). Furthermore, we have this solar boat that is provided 38,000 black photovoltaic cells and solar panels to generate power in environmentally friendly way. It is completely powered by the sun so it produces no emissions of carbon dioxide or other gases that could contaminate air samples according to an article by Jurgens (2010). As for the future, who knows what technology holds. Technology will continue to change transportation and transportation will continue to change our lives.

In conclusion, the technologies available to people greatly influence how their lives are as well as people have influence on technology’s development and how it is used. New conceptual breakthroughs are invariably driven by the development of new technologies. The new technologies, in turn, inspire technologists to invent things, not sometimes because they themselves dream of having their capabilities, but many times simply because they can build them. In other words, grand conceptual inventions happen because technology has finally made them possible. However, people should take advantage of the technology advances and use it wisely in benefit to their lives. If we gaze into the future, we can see the beginnings of a whole new world of technology that the humans of yesterday couldn’t even begin to imagine. In many ways, technology’s new discoveries simplify life, and have many beneficial effects to the community.


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