In the article ‘Gene-Y slack and spoilt, say boss’, Kim Macdonald the author tries to convince her audience that the young people of this generation are spoilt and wouldn’t know the first thing about working hard. She uses a very negative and patronizing tone which helps support her argument towards the work ethic and lack of motivation young people bring to our society today. Macdonald uses various different persuasive techniques to influence her audience into seeing eye to eye with her.

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In this particular text, generalization is often used to support the contention that Gene-Y are lazy and don’t want to work. The heading of this piece of writing is a great example. It makes a sweeping statement towards the laziness and idleness of adolescents. Already, by using generalization in the heading, the author has summed up and convinced the audience that all Gene-Y have the same negative qualities as one another and that all of them are disinterested in working.

Another technique that the author has used to persuade people into believing that all adolescents have the same careless attitude is exclusive language. Exclusive language is used to assign blame to a group that neither the author nor the audience belong too. For example, n the text there is a sentence which quotes “They don’t know what it is to work towards something. They Just put everything on their parent’s credit cards. The word they in this certain sentence singly points out generation-Y and excuses the rest of the audience. The blame has been put directly on Gene-Y for their poor effort and behavior towards making a living. In conclusion, Kim Macdonald clearly has a very strong view towards gene-Y. She persuades by using a range of different techniques, which are all very affective. The audience, would walk away from reading this feeling convinced that all Gene-Y are a bunch of slack and spoilt humans.

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