Gender and Female Aesthetics

9 September 2016

Womantext, Hard Choice by Sunnie Ododo is a play that reveals female aesthetics as well as showing the fact that the female is more naturally adventurous and different examples are shown to back up this view. The term “Feminism” has different definitions which include: -According to the Oxford Advanced English Dictionary ,’’ Feminism is the belief and aim that women should have the same right and opportunities as men.

It is the in equality that exists between the gender -Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining , establishing and defending equal political, economic and social rights and equal opportunities for women. The major feminism analysis will be discussed under the symbolism, images of womanhood, Feminism tendencies and aesthetics, female characterization.

First and foremost the play presents to the traditional marriage ceremony between the Igedu prince in the Yoruba land, and the Emepiri princess, Princess Agingae at the play unfolding. This progress to the crisis or conflict that is, the event that caused the theft of King Iginla the prince’ father’s crown which led to the complications that brought about the truth about the queen’s hidden secrets as an adventurous woman.

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The struggle that arises within the play, also involves some characterization such as Chief Ubanga, the plights of finding the the crown by Bashorun, the emotional stages of the princess whose emotions have been tampered with and there by needs the caresses of her love Prince Oki( page 24). The crisis in the play heightens as it reveals some emotional intensities, such as the Queen’s actions and the consequence of her actions which reveals the female aesthetics in the central character. This female aesthetics will be discussed briefly

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