Gender and Sex Worksheet

8 August 2016

What is gender? What is sex in biological terms? Are gender and sex the same thing? Explain why or why not? Gender is the terminology usually referring to the social role between men and women. It is used to explain the cultural differences, more than the physical or biological differences. When referring to a person’s masculinity or femininity the term “gender” is used. The term “sex” refers to the biological, or medical differences between men and women such as estrogen versus testosterone, or a vagina versus a penis. The hormonal differences between men and women has always been clear.

When a women is ovulating, she is hormonal. However there has never been a term for men since there is no physical change in the male body that promotes a hormonal imbalance. In a paper titled Sex and Gender are Different: Sexual Identity and Gender Identity are Different by Milton Diamond, Ph.

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Gender and Sex Worksheet
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D. explains how the terms have been interchanged in conversation, usually, casual but can be understood based on context. He continues to explain that in the scientific, medical, legal, political and religious discourse the interchange of the terms can lead to confusion.

How do gender and sex contribute to the concepts and constructions of masculinity and femininity? In both terms, gender and sex, the masculinity and femininity is evident. Phrases like “man up” or “don’t be such a girl” come to mind when describing gender. Implying the men need to be tough and women are weak. The same applies to sex, men tend to be bigger, stronger and at times rougher than their female counterparts. Do our concepts of gender and sex contribute to the ways we embrace gender and sex in diversity?

Yes, because we see men as tougher, and not “allowed” to cry, we see this as the way men should be, and when a man is more in touch with his feminine side he is gay, or if a woman tends to be less “girlie” or more “manly” she is perceived as butch. Diversity crosses the lines of gender and shows that while all men (or women) are so different from one another, they are all equal. We see men and women in two different lights, but in the end, other than sexual difference, there is really a lot that is the same.

Do our concepts of gender and sex contribute to our understanding of sexual orientation? Explain. Yes, I believe so. Gender is knowing the social differences between a man and a women. Being gay you are not only (if at all) attracted to the sex of a person, but the gender, the way they act, or their masculinity or femininity. Not to say they are not attracted to the sex, but with gender, it is about how you feel. As a man, do you feel like a man or do you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body.

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