Gender Discrimination in American Schools

4 April 2015
An exploration of gender inequality in American schools.

This paper investigates the claim that girls are discriminated against within the American education system. The paper begins with a definition of key terms and a review of the research on gender inequality in schools. The differing viewpoints on the topic are considered and the causes and influences of gender bias are looked at. Discrimination amongst staff is also touched on. The paper concludes with recommendations for improving the situation.
“Gender equity, in education, is defined as, “the provision of equality of opportunity and the realization of equality of results for all students based on individual aptitudes, abilities and interests, regardless of gender” (AAUW, 1999). The failure to ensure this equity is known as gender discrimination, or gender bias. Within education, the existence of gender discrimination can be determined by a wide range of factors, such as; enrollment levels; exam results; the manner in which teachers respond to, and interact with, students; the topics and materials used within the teaching process; and the manner in which the school environment and social conditions influence the students. In 1972 the US Department of Education passed Title IX, a set of amendments aimed at reforming gender inequity in schools.”

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