Gender discrimination

8 August 2016

“You know, my mom always encouraged me and never made my gender an issue, I guess. She brought me up to believe in equality, as opposed to feminism or sexism – so it just meant that my gender was not relevant to what I was capable of achieving. ” (Faith); despite laws worldwide stating that there must be equality between females and males, sexism remains one of the most issues we face as a global society. Is sexual discrimination a hindrance which holds back our development as an advanced society and as humans?

Awkwardly it is. Women are still being discriminated and maltreated at workplace and politics, and they are underestimated for their capabilities and achievements, where men tend to earn better opportunities and positions, although some may lack the qualifications that women possess. Occupational sexism is one type of discrimination being enforced on women. According to the statistics, “in 2012, female full-time workers made only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 23 percent. ” (Hegewisch, pars. 1).

Gender discrimination Essay Example

This clearly depicts the underestimation that women experience, and the inconsideration for their hard work and perseverance. In fact it is mentioned that, “Sometimes, they are not treated equally in their workplace and are considered as inferior to their male co-workers. ” (“Problems Faced by Women”, pars. 1). In male-dominated societies, in addition to lower wages for the same occupation, most women have to face daily struggles against biased mentalities and sometimes intolerant and reckless attitudes of male co-workers as stated.

Women can be unappreciated for their talents and achievements, and abused for their creativity and uniqueness. Despite the fact that that some women own rare qualifications needed to attend to certain task, less qualified men tend to be treated more leniently than women in the workplace . In our society especially, female bosses are viewed to be less capable than males, where the act of leadership is most seen as a masculine position (Daily Mail, pars 1).

Moreover, another form of feminism is the one being mostly manipulated by men in terms of power and dominance, political discrimination. According to a research, “in Saudi Arabia and Vatican City, women can’t vote or run for office…still” (Dewey, pars. 8). Prohibiting the right to vote against women has not only raised many questions concerning this act of discrimination, but it has also created acts of rebellion in many countries. Are men the only accredited humans with rights? Are women acknowledged as useless insufficient creatures?

Unfortunately, although we live in this modern world of technology, the answer is clear; sexism is one of the strongest causes of retardation in the advancement of society. One simple example would be the capability of women to be more diplomatic. The aversion of women to violence and their innate roles as protectors and caregivers give them great potential for political positions in a government. The conclusion for this controversial argument is the fight for women against sexual discrimination and the establishment of effective laws against the sexes.

Gender is irrelevant of one’s capabilities and talents, for females in some advanced countries are equally as successful and determined as males, if not more simply for the fact that they carry the burden of discriminated against along with their success. Therefore, the mentality of those men that support sexism should be completely modified. It is stated that, “Sexism is not the fault of women- kill your fathers, not your mothers. ” (Morgan). Ultimately, it is education and the reframing of our vision for a better society and our willingness to work for a better tomorrow, that can hopefully eliminate gender discrimination.

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