Gender Identity

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the issue of gender identity in two novels.

Louise Erdrich, in her book Love Medicine, and John Neihardt, in his biographical novel Black Elk Speaks, both address the importance of gender in the daily lives of their characters. This paper compares the role of gender identity to each of the main characters in these novels and how the society in which they live influences their outlook.
From the paper:

“Louise Erdrich, like many of the characters in her novels and short stories, is part Native American, part something else ? in her case, her family is a mixture of a German-American father and a Chippewa mother. Erdrich’s parents worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as teachers on a nearby North Dakota reservation and she recalls that her father regularly recited memorized poetry ? Frost and Byron ? to her and her six siblings and it is no surprise that Erdrich started her literary career as a poet, supporting herself by working at a Kentucky Fried Chicken and on road construction crews. ”

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