Gender Norm Violation

5 May 2017

Men have. For example, before receiving my pedicure I called a few friends and family member so, I could obtain their thoughts and views on the subject. I was shocked by the amount of negative criticism that I acquired. I was ridiculed by my closest friends whom I thought would be more accepting. The way that they tried to restore gender role normalcy was by asking if my girl friend was forcing me to attend. After denying the involvement of a woman I was back to square one trying to defend my sexuality. I preached that pedicures were more than Just listening to girl talk your bout what shade of pink to color their toe nails.

I even informed, too my narrow minded friends, that pedicures releases stress, makes overall appearance look better, and adds softness to your feet. But the fact was I was fghting a battle that I could not win. This culture of ours has such an influence on individuals that it’s tough to construct gender roles that are outside of normalcy. Besides all the criticisms and being called a fag the overall experience was very enjoyable. I did this gender role violation experiment at the nail salon that is located in the Cherry Valley mall.

Gender Norm Violation Essay Example

When I as at the nail salon I did not feel as if I was violating any gender role as a man. The employees treated me with a professional attitude that didn’t seem to change when confronted by different sexes. While waiting for the cosmetologist to prepare the massage chair and adjust the water temperature. I was able to view the large variety of different colors of nail polish. At this point in time I started to feel uncomfortable about painting my toes any shade of pink. T hats when it hit me, consciously I was aware that I was doing this experiment, basically for a grade.

But something inside e said “there is no way in hell I’m going to walk out of here wearing bitch flops with pink toes. ” That voice that came deep within me was not a natural instinct. I was not born with this idea that pink toes should only be on the foot of a women. This idea was socially constructed so we can have a fine line between men and women. I believe men and women are more comfortable interacting with each other when this distinction is clearer. In the end, that socially constructed male dominate voice talked me out of the pink and poke-a-doted design and went with a standard clear coat; that nly added a mere shine to my nail.

To wrap the pedicure up she ended with a very nice massage that even the manly-est. man would enjoy. To conclude my pedicure, as with most services, was at the cash register. To my knowledge a pedicure was twenty five dollars. Which was the same price listed on the sign behind the register. Come to find out that pedicures for men were five dollars more than for a woman. Struggling to understand what this little Chinese women, which barely spoke any English, was try to explain. What I comprehended was that a man’s foot demands more labor then he average female.

This was very shocking to me. The fact being, that the only reason I was there was to better understand stereotypes against gender. When I was being victimized by these same sexist stereotypes. In conclusion I believe people need to get past this idea of gender roles giving to us by society. In my opinion people need to develop their own gender identity depending on how they feel not anyone else. Adaption to this idea won’t be easy, but I believe that it’s now In progress. In the past homosexuality wasn’t as acceptable as it is today.

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