General Motors Marketing Strategy

8 August 2016

General Motors has many different brands and models that make up the companies portfolio. They use these brands as a tool to attract different target markets. General Motors will target middle-class consumers in the United States, Brazil, Europe, and China with it’s Chevrolet Brand. They will target older buyers with the Buick brand worldwide. The company will target wealthy buyers worldwide with its Cadillac brand. General motors will also target middle-class buyers in New Zealand and Australia with it’s Holden brand.

MARKETING MIX Product: General Motors has many popular vehicle brands around the globe including Buick in China, Saab in Sweden, and Chevrolet in the US. General Motors also carries other brands as part of its portfolio, like Opel, the main GM brand name in Europe except in the UK, Hummer, Isuzu, and Holden in Australia and New Zealand. Price: General Motors provides a wide range of vehicles all over the world priced from $10,000 to $100,000 and higher.

General Motors Marketing Strategy Essay Example

These prices range from middle to luxury class vehicles. General Motors has executed competitive strategy, particularly in the United States, that combines an emphasis on competitively priced vehicles. They hope to build a standard of exceptional products and brands and build long-term investment value for their products, while supporting improved pricing per transaction. Place: General Motor’s distribution strength in rural areas, which is a significant competitive advantage, will be largely preserved.

General Motors does business in 157 countries. General Motors is has been divided into business segments: GM North America (GMNA), GM Europe (GME), GM International Operations (GMIO), GM South America (GMSA), and GM Financial. Promotion: General Motors uses many ways to promote its products. They use auto shows, standard commercials, online commercials, social media, professional auto racing, GM Magazine, their “Employee Discount for Everyone“, and their extended warranties.

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