Generation Debt

2 February 2017

In the short essay tittled “Generation Debt”, the writer has several things she talks about such as: ·How people between the ages of 18-35 have been cheated out of our inheritance simply because we are born into the “richest” country in the world but yet we still cant afford to live properly finacially due to the outragous prices of things these days.

She talks to people about economic obsticals that young people today faced. How the older generation accusses us of being “slackers”, “overgrown children”, and “procrastinators” as if we are intentionally dragging our heels to avoid adulthood. ·She points out how one journalist says that young people simply wont grown up cause we dont have to, then she goes to tell us about another jounalist who says that the elders are taking more then their fair share calling them the “The Greediest Generation”.

Generation Debt Essay Example

How the future of our world is basically being depended on our youth or in other words “educated young people”. ·She believes that when it comes to considering a career that you should do whatever your talented at or enjoy doing and not just something thats a paycheck, simply because America is the country of progress and oppurtunity. She talks about how parents should sit down and discuss to their children the importenince of finacial security, how to prepare and sucure their future, etc..

If you are a part of the younger generation then you should take a stand and speak up about what you think should be done to help with certain exspenses towards education or your future finances. She beleives that the people in the power should stop “shortchangeing” us because what they dont realize is that they are actually shortchanging themselves as well and the nation as a whole.

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