Generation Y

12 December 2018

“Get off your phone!” “Go outside and do something!” “Why are you so lazy?” Bottom line is this: we’re a terrible generation.

We have dreams and high hopes. Can you blame us? We were raised in a world where “anything is possible” is preached. Daily. These high hopes are the reason we are the most educated generation of all time. We are the most technologically savvy and yes, we flaunt it. We spend eight hours a week stalking people on Facebook, we text friends until two in the morning. We navigate the internet with ease and ultimately utilize exponential information for our studies.
We enjoy the controlled climate of the indoors. All of our cool gadgets are there—wi-fi, Xbox, Wii, laptop, iPad, HDTV and surround sound. Who would want to leave the life of luxury we have been handed?
The bottom line is that this isn’t who I am. I study for long hours, I prefer a phone call to stalking someone online, and I live to be outdoors. I’ve always been a curious girl and exploring the world through science satisfies that curiosity. Lab reports, microscopes, and textbooks are my trusty companions.

Generation Y Essay Example

At the end of my high school career, I look back and think maybe it wasn’t so bad being in this generation. I grew up in a time when my curiosity was encouraged, not stifled, in a time where adapting to new technology happens every day, and in a time when we, the generation, are connected on a whole new level. Yes, there were times when I wanted to kick my friends for being so involved in their phone that they forgot I was there. But being part of this generation sparked the curiosity inside me and gave me the skills to thrive in this new world. Dreams are made every day and I intend to follow mine.

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