Genetic Engineering Essay Research Paper One issue

Familial Engineering Essay, Research Paper

One issue that involvements me is familial technology. I feel the possibilities and potency of familial technology brand it the most exciting and helpful engineering we have in the universe. To be able to state a twosome that you can wholly wipe out the possibility that their kid will hold a higher opportunity of acquiring Alzheimer & # 8217 ; s disease when it is older would be a fantastic experience.

Think about an full household that suffers from anaemia. It would be fantastic to be able to repair the faulty cistron that causes anemia so that their kids will populate longer and healthier lives. Diabetes is another familial upset that could be helped through familial technology. Don & # 8217 ; t the kids of these people deserve to populate happy, productive, healthy lives? Familial technology would be for the good of world and indispensable to pass overing out fatal familial diseases.

Some will state that people will mistreat this engineering, or that they will make bluish eyed and blonde haired kids because that is what they want, and reasonably shortly it will take to a race of superhumans that are more intelligent and stronger. This is a major concern, but I feel that if certain guidelines are set up as to what can be genetically altered this concern can be forgotten. I do non experience intelligence should be altered, or anything decorative. The engineering could merely be used to genetically change a individual so that they would non be affec

ted by the diseases that their parents had and so they could populate longer, healthier lives.

Another strong point in favour of familial technology is that non merely could we come up with this province of the art engineering, but it would besides salvage money. It costs less to genetically change something about a individual so it would to handle it when they are older. This means that non merely would they be populating longer, it would besides salvage money on medical costs.

There is a batch of resistance to this because many people think that it is against God & # 8217 ; s will, and hence incorrect. This is non the instance. If familial technology were against God & # 8217 ; s will, so why would he hold given us the engineering to get down with? Why would he hold made these things available if he did non desire us to do usage of them? I think God wants us to better our lives, and that is why he has given us the chance to make so.

Genetic technology could go a valuable plus for everyone that has of all time been affected by a familial upset. Not merely would it salvage money, but it would besides salvage lives and many people could be happier. Why anyone would non desire to do usage of this engineering is absurd. With a few regulations and some Torahs in topographic point to see that the engineering will non be abused, it can go one of the most valuable medical processs we have. Many people believe that bar is half of the remedy, but with familial technology bar could be the full remedy.

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