Genetics: A Science of Confusion

4 April 2015
A short critique essay breaking down an article written by Dorothy Nelkin about geneticists.

This paper goes into a description on the subject of geneticists. The author breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Dorthy Nelkin’s argument, a sociology professor who questions the legitemacy of genetics. Includes quotes and in-texts citations, as well as opinions and beliefs.
Dorthy Nelkin, a sociology professor, has begun to question the legitimacy of genetics, the human genome, and the accuracy of geneticists’ beliefs and statements. In her passage The Grandiose Claims of Geneticists, Nelkin states that Until recently, scientists have paid little attention to communicating with the public. Nelkin’s statement may very well be true, but to the vast majority of Americans- the housewives, the food service workers, the construction workers, the grocery store clerks, and the unemployed- how much does this really affect their everyday lives? The medical breakthroughs that geneticists find may very well be the extent of the concern surrounding this futuristic science. Genetics is a science that has emerged before our eyes as being some great discovery, but everything cannot possibly be all in the genes.”
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