Gentrification: A Tool for Society

6 June 2017

Help for the closing statement Gentrification offers new possibilities such as property value increases that give families leverage in the housing market and Jobs created by the bankruptcy, reconstruction, and renovation projects, or those that new businesses would bring to the neighborhood. This could provide an excellent, convenient source of income for the (previously) low-income residents of the neighborhood. The capital being invested in the neighborhood by the middle-class will definitely draw the attention nd funds of the government, resulting in investment in public services and amenities.

And who is to say that the gentrification of the city in the past years has been the reason for the drop in murder and crime rates. These examples are Just a few of the innumerable positive outcomes of gentrification, and seem to benefit not only the middle-class investing in the neighborhood, but also those who originally inhabited it. Gentrification is a tool that society can take advantage of in order “to mprove ourselves, our neighbors, and our city as a whole”. People need to improve themselves, but there are not willing to implement changes, they feel comfortable, and they do not want to confront challenges in their life”. To make change emphsises that communities need to managing change is extreme importance for the suvival of any neighborhood, communities need to adopt to change at a faster pace which anticipates future changes and take remedial measusre to counter such scenarios go hand in hand with the Phare “survival of the ittest”.

Gentrification: A Tool for Society Essay Example

The global competition is pressurising to change increasing and restructuring to meet such demand and pressure. Change implementation need to use successful implemantation tactics to overcome neighborhood resitance tha hinders the change process. It is a natural phenomenon that humans will resist the change due to the extreme fear of losing the communities. The communication and education is the most importance tactic that can be use as changes agents to clear the misinterpretation and oftern resistance will settle.

The participation, facilitation and coercion will support the change to reduce resitance effectively. Neighborhood will view a bright future if they can get the vision right and creativity and courage should be the frame of the vision. Communitation is an essential element in the change process and is very effective in gaining people’s involvement in to the entire of neighborhood process. Effective communicative process can reduce the uncertainty of the people involved in the change process. Gentrification: A Tool for Society By marline9guzman

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