Geo-Engineering: Controlling the Climate and Weather BY catneoool Geo-Engineering: Controlling the Climate and Weather Recall the pleasure derived from the last time you took a walk through a park on a day when the weather was perfect. The sunshine was bright, the temperature was perfect, and perhaps there was a slight breeze that left you the ultimate feeling of refreshment as it caressed your face. Or perhaps you can remember the last time you enjoyed the sounds and smells of a light April shower that left the trees and grass looking so green and the alr so fresh that you just couldn’t resist taking a deep leansing breath.

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No doubt everyone can remember times such as these or similar instances when the weather was responsible for bringing them a lift in spirit. Now imagine that you had the ability to control the weather and climate. Perhaps your first response to this idea is that such a thing is, and always will be, impossible. But you would be wrong in your assumption. In our modern world there Is a science called Geo-Englneerlng that has become a political Issue. Geo-Englneerlng Is the ability of scientists to control the climate and weather in various areas and for various reasons.

The issue we are all faced with is whether or not having this control is a good thing or a bad thing. First of all we must answer the question of whether Geo-Engineering is a reality. Without question it is, and has been for decades. Scientists have successfully demonstrated in numerous ways the ability to be able to control the climate and weather. How have they accomplished this formerly miraculous feat? According to WeatherQuestlons. com, Dr. Roy W. Spencer reports that one form of weather manipulation that has been around for a relatively long time is cloud-seeding.

Cloud-seeding is the process of dropping dry ice crystals or ilver iodide aerosis into the upper parts of clouds to stimulate the formation of water droplets. This causes rainfall where perhaps there would have been none. This form of weather manipulation has been around for a long

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time and Is used also In the control of the intensity of strong storms such as hurricanes. Since the most destruction from hurricanes comes from those with the smallest diameter eyes, cloud seeding has been used, according once again to WeatherQuestions. om, to broaden the size of the eye or create a new one and in so doing, lessen the strength of the original storm. An even more successful method of controlling the strength of a storm such as a hurricane and possibly even eliminating the storm was reported on by Michael Behar in the Popular Science article “Can We Stop Storms? “. In this article It talks about the method of dropping tons of water-absorbing powder or gel Into a storm to intentionally dry it out and as a result lessen its strength or bring it to a sudden end all together.

This has been a successful experiment. The firm developing the powder and gel used in such a method is a firm by the name of Dyn-O-Mat, located in Jupiter, Florida. And while controlling a storm locally is truly a reality, there is an even more surprising method of weather control that has the potential to affect weather anywhere In the world from Just one vantage point. The military of the nicknamed HAARP. This system uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to disrupt the layer of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

By the use of such energy, literally millions of kilowatts, it has been possible for the last 40 years to manipulate weather, not Just in the immediate locale, but worldwide. In their book “The Militarys Pandora’s Box”, authors Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning state that “rainmaking technology was taken for a few test rides in Vietnam. The U. S. Department of Defense sampled lightning and hurricane manipulation studies in Project Skyflre and Project StormfurY’.

Other scientists have made the observation that there is an electrical connection between the ionosphere and other layers of the atmosphere, and because of this, a disruption of the ionosphere can disrupt weather over any area where the electrical disturbance is aimed. While the information demonstrating that weather manipulation is a fact is exhaustive, for the purpose of his paper my intention is to simply show with a few examples that it is indeed something that is a reality today.

But, as with most things, not only has the ability to manipulate the weather been used for good, such as lessening the strength and thus destructive ability of storms, but the military has already found ways to use it to gain tactical advantages over the enemy. Such is seen from the previously mentioned experiments done causing heavy rainfall in Vietnam during that war. In an article titled “The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction:”Owning the Weather” for Military Use”, the author states ” The US Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use.

These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts, and earthquakes (Chossudovsky Ultimate). ” So even in a controlled usage the implications are scary when it comes to scientists having the ability to control the weather. It is already being used, not Just for good, but to harm others through the triggering of droughts, floods, and other weather anomalies. So if such harm can be formulated from a ontrolled use of this technology, imagine the implications if such experimentation were to go awry. What if we lost that control?

What if we started to experience results that were harmful, even if unintentional? Well Just what hazards are there to be aware of that make this an important, if not well-known, political issue? Well it seems that catastrophic results are a strong possibility when we start experimenting with control of the climate. According to the web site HAARP. NET, using blasts of mega- watts of electricity into the atmosphere is destructive to say the least. Long-term sage of such a technique makes it certainly possible that we will begin losing the protection our atmosphere gives us.

The increase in carbon dioxide that results from many weather control techniques has been proven to have a warming affect on our climate, which in turn results in a melting of the polar ice caps. This in turn results in increasing oceanic levels. With such things already on the table and proven as fact, it isn’t much of a leap to imagine that mankind will take things too far and the results will be catastrophic. There is also the danger of Just who has control of this echnology. Most of what is done in this area is done in secret.

And the military claims to have Jurisdiction over any and all experiments that have to do with geo- engineering. According to one author working for Pure Energy Systems News, “The U. S. military has a very long arm. As evinced by many examples, the US feels it has this is oil fields or weather-influencing technology (Haliburton Weather). ” And as mentioned earlier, the military has already put this technology to work in a harmful way. So as we consider the facts surrounding this issue of geo-engineering, there s no doubt that it can be used for good when the proper people have control of it.

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