Geography: The Study of the Earth

4 April 2015
A paper which studies the importance of studying geography as a subject and how a knowledge of geography has survival values for Americans.

The paper discusses the importance of teaching geography to students – a subject which provides the tools for students to read a map, understand international news reports, follow economic trends and weather reports. The paper shows that without this knowledge, Americans would have little understanding of the world beyond their borders and remain isolationist in nature.
“Geography helps us understand why some countries are important to us even when we are not the best of friends. For example: China is the largest country in the Far East. We are not that friendly with them, but we tolerate each other. If we didn’t have a mutually helpful trade agreement, relations might be even more strained. The Chinese understand this and even have a saying for it. Wnha sh mi yu guje de, which means, Culture has no national borders. According to a paper written by Clarissa Smith, In the age of mass media and instant communication, this must be more true than ever, even in a highly controlled society. ”

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