Geology of Manitou

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the geological and historical aspects of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

This paper takes an in-depth look at one of Colorado’s most interesting cities, Manitou Springs. The author discusses the history of the city, early explorers and denizens, and the ancient rock formations which makes Manitou Springs a tremendous tourist attraction. The paper looks at such Manitou sights as Pike Peaks, Garden of the Gods, and the Dawson formation.
From the Paper:

Besides being home to a number of top-notch, countrywide renowned historic restaurants, as well as many desired locality eateries, Manitou Springs has a broad range of first class lodgings: an historic hotel, many exclusive Victorian bed& breakfasts, traditional motels, warm boutique motels quality motor inns, cabins by Fountain Creek, and secluded wooded campgrounds. What makes Manitou Springs the most absolute Colorado experience is the lure of the surrounding of the city. You can reach to the top of the Pike Peaks through the Manitou and Pikes railway station which has the elevation of 14,110. The Cave of the winds, will lead to the vivid pits of Colorado but very soon you will be back in time by the majestic view of Miromont Castle and the Cliff Dwellings Museum.

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