Georg Cantor: A Genius Out of Time

4 April 2015
A review of the life and work of the mathematician Georg Cantor.

This paper is a biographical description of the work of Georg Cantor and his work in the development of set theory. In his time, these hypotheses were considered greatly controversial by other mathematicians. However, now they are an integral part of the study of mathematics.
“Georg attended several private schools in Frankfurt, and in 1859, entered the distinguished Grossherzoglich Hessiche Provinzialrealschule in Darmstadt. He left this institution in 1860 with high recommendations in mathematics. His father discouraged the study of math due to the fact that he wished him to become an engineer, a job that paid considerably more than mathematics. He originally attended Grossherzogliche Hoehere Gewerbeschule (Grand-Ducal Higher Polytechnic, later changed to Technische Hochschule) at Darmstadt following his father’s wishes and studying Engineering. Later, when Georg convinced his father that his heart was truly in math, his father relented and he began the study of Mathematics in 1862 (Johnson, 1997).

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