Smart because he had gone to some good schools and had always made wise decisions, brave because he had gone to the army at a young age. What president of the United States of America do does two words remind you of? Well, if you said president George Bush you are correct! George was the 41st president of the United States of America. George Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts and was the son of Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush. Now if you want to learn more about George Bush and his interesting stories and life all you have to do is keep on reading!

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Page Before Presidency “Family is not a neutral word for me. It’s a powerful word, full of emotional resonance. I was part of a strong family growing up, me,” said George. George Herbert Walker Bush’s family was from New England and they were all very close together. George said that he had always loved and enjoyed his childhood. He had lived with his Mother, Father, brothers, and sisters. George was a very smart boy because he would always be thinking about his future and he had made some good decisions on what schools to go to.

Like for example George had gone to a school called Prescott at Phillips Academy which was a boarding school in Massachusetts. And George had caught a disease called “Stash Infection” (Stash is short for staphylococcus which is a bacteria that can live on your Page skin without harming you unless you get cut and the bacteria goes inside, it will get infected) and he had to be taken to the hospital and he stayed there for about 6 weeks, while he was in his Junior year.

So George had decided to repeat his Junior year because George wanted to make sure he doesn’t leave without missing any new lessons. Since George had repeated the Junior ear again he had gotten popular and he was elected senior class president, member of the baseball teams, member of the soccer teams, and he was also electedto be member of other clubs. And George had become popular during his school years. In December 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, George was in his senior year and while he was walking around in the campus he had heard the news.

Page 2 George H. W. Bush Report Essay

And the news had announced thatPearl Harbor had gotten bombed by Japanese, so George said that he wanted to do something about it and help. So George said hat he had ruined his dads dream because he wanted George to go to Yale. But when George heard the news he had cancelled Yale and had entered the Navy (when he had turned 18 years old. ) Two months later George had went to North Carolina on a train so he can go flight training. After a year George had finally won what they call it “his wings” and had becomes the U.

S Gnaws youngest pilot! Page George Bush had gotten married with a women named Barbara Pierce and had moved to New Haven, Connecticut. When they both arrived George had applied back to Yale and two years later e had graduated with a degree and with honors in economic. And when George had gotten his degree and his honors Barbara had already given birth to there first baby named George W. Bush. And they both would always say that George W. Bush was going to be the future president. In 1952 Bush’s father was elected to the U. S.

Senate in Connecticut and Bush was trying out for politics. And in 1953 things started to fall apart for George and his family because in 1949 they both had a daughter named Robin that was diagnosed with leukemia, after the third baby named EJB, Robin had died 7 months later. And for 40 years George had always carried in his wallet something that said “To the Love of Robin. ” Page In 1962 George had made his political debut as chairman for Republican Party for Texas and that same year his dad retired from being the U. S senate.

In 1964 George was not very successful because he had lost his campaign for senate, but then in 1966 George got lucky because he had won to be a U. S Congress. While for Fair Housing Act was not going good. In 1990, When Iraqi dictator Sad Hussein, invaded neighboring Kuwait and George saw an opportunity to set a new standard. And George was very successful on driving Iraq out of Kuwait. In 1992 George was going vs.. Bill Clinton in the election and George had mostly lost because he had left behind a pledge that was famous which was: “Read my lips, no new taxes. And George had kind of left politics behind him when he had left the White House, and when his son ,George W. Bush, became the 43 president George had still been trying to stay away the political things. Page Conclusion In conclusion George Bush is a great role model because I have learned many things. Something that I learned was that when you IM for something that you want to be or want to do and make it as your goal and actually put all your hard work in to it, you can achieve it.

And something else that was able to show me that was with George Herbert Walker Bush the 41st president of the United States an example of him was when he wanted to go to the Navy he didn’t give up and say “this is to hard for me, ill never achieve it. ” Another example was when he wanted to follow his dads steps to he had perseverance! My opinion about George Bush is that he is a great example to us because he shows us to never give up on our dreams!! Page

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