George Lewis Richard Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

George Lewis Richard Essay, Research Paper

George Lewis Richard Essay Research Paper The Essay Example

The adult male who was known as Tex Rickard, was born on Jan 2, 1870 with the nickname of George Lewis Rickard. He led a life of different occupations, I guess you could state he was a doodly-squat of all trades. His life, or the portion of it that dealt with the gold haste, was what I would state as, short lived. After raising cowss in Texas, and governing a small town as the town marshal he decided to travel on to something different. He moved to a little metropolis in Nevada called Goldfield. Goldfield was a roar town, which came about with the aid of gold, and the fact the Rickard set up a casino. Now Tex didn & # 8217 ; Ts make his money by mining for gold in California or in Nevada, but alternatively he was a professional gambler, and fight booster. It is his concluding profession that he decided to lodge with, and to state the least, he was most comfortable in this concluding occupation. As a battle booster his life was really active. To publicise the community he decided to advance the universe lightweight title battle between Joe Gans and Oscar Nelson. The battle was a long 1

, non merely was it more so the normal 12 unit of ammunitions, but it was about 4 times the normal, being 42 unit of ammunitions in length. This would be the start of something large for Rickard.

n 1920 he gained control of Madison Square Garden, and in his new sphere he would present the first million dollar battle, this would be the first of five million dollar crowds. Rickards accomplishments didn & # 8217 ; t merely come to him by fortune. He made packaging a athletics for all races and both the sexes. He appealed to the racism in people by presenting a black against a white. He besides aroused the nationalists in the state by contending a bill of exchange fox and a war hero, along with this he set a American against a alien. He was the first booster to understand the people, and who was able to command big crowds. All in all, he was a combatant, gambler, mineworker ( in the Yukon ) , and a booster, and was comfortable in all. He helped to alter the face of the West by commanding where the people went, and helped California to turn, doing him a really of import adult male in the history of California and the United States.

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