George S. Kaufman: Master of Technique

4 April 2015
A look at career and contributions of writer and director George S. Kaufman.

This paper explores the background and career of the American writer and director, George S. Kaufman. The author examines how Kaufman has influenced American playwrights.
“Though critics may argue as to the ultimate value of George S. Kaufman’s plays in the history of American drama, they almost unanimously agree that he was our most successful collaborator working in theater at his time. Superlatives of various kinds have been used with Kaufman. He is generally recognized as having been the most successful master of stage technique in the 1930’s. He is acknowledged as having been an outstanding satirist, one of our best directors, one of our best writers of dialogue, and as our most capable “play-doctor.” With all these credentials under his name it is easy to understand why he was such a great role-model for other American playwrights.

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