George Strait –

1 January 2020

George Strait’s latest, “Honkytonkville,”is the best country album I have heard yet. It is truly perfect. Typically, thecountry listener expects a fairly good variety of decent songs, and hopefully afew exceptional ones. They also usually expect to hear not only some pretty andslow classic country songs, but also some faster, two-steppin’ jams.”Honkytonkville” has got it all.

“She Used To Say That ToMe” is perfect to begin any country album because it has all the twang oneneeds to be prepared for the next eleven pure country tunes.”Cowboys Like Us” is not only currently in the top 10 country hits (andhas been for the last four months), but is also truly the new country anthem.

George Strait – Essay Example

“Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa” is so good it makes me wantto cry. It contains every element that a perfect country song requires, includinga pure, genuine, old-school country sound, and lyrics that express nothing morethan how much Strait loves his home and his wife. “As Far As It Goes”includes a nice mix of acoustic guitars, piano and those signature crying violinsthat every well-composed country song must have. “As Far As It Goes”also portrays perhaps the finest song-writing on the entire album because of itssomewhat humorous yet exceedingly truthful lyrics that you cannot help but singalong with.

“Honk If You Honky Tonk,” the most recent single,will practically impel you to put your boots and hat on for some realcountry-western action.

“Honkytonkville” was produced, mixed andarranged so remarkably that listeners will actually hesitate before taking it outof their CD player. I have purchased many of the 30-plus George Strait albums,but this one is exceptional.

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