George Whitefield Essay Research Paper English preacher

9 September 2017

George Whitefield Essay, Research Paper

English sermonizer George Whitefield was a leader of the Evangelical Revival on both sides of the Atlantic. He participated in the Great Awakening in the settlements and the Wesleyan motion in Great Britain. He was educated at Oxford and was a member of the Wesley brothers & # 8217 ; Holy Club. After his ordination, in 1736, as an Anglican deacon he made the first of seven ocean trips to American in 1738. He took orders as a priest, but he was excluded from the Anglican daiss because of his evangelistic passion. As a consequence he began prophesying in spiritual societies and the unfastened air ; his field sermon was a major part to the Evangelican Revival and the growing on Methodism.

Whitefield was a great spiritual leader in his clip. His brilliant voice boomed over 1000s of beguiled hearers in an unfastened field. One of England & # 8217 ; s greatest histrions of the twenty-four hours commented that Whitefield could do audiences cry simply by articulating the word Mesopotamia and that he would & # 8220 ; give a hundred guineas if I could merely state & # 8216 ; O! & # 8217 ; like Mr. Whitefield. & # 8221 ;

Triumphally touring

the settlements, Whitefield sent his message of human weakness and godly power. During howling revival meetings, infinite evildoers professed transition, while 100s of the β€œsaved” groaned, shrieked, or rolled in the snow from spiritual exhilaration. Whitefield inspired many impersonators whom took up his manner of sermon.

Orthodox reverends, known as & # 8220 ; old visible radiations, & # 8221 ; were profoundly disbelieving of the emotionality and jokes of the evangelists. & # 8220 ; New light & # 8221 ; curates defended the Awakening for its function in the renewing American faith.

Whitefield had a big consequence on the people in his clip epoch. His accent on direct spiritualty undermined the old manner of spiritual thought. He was a leader of a new manner of faith, which brought about many alterations in the American peoples & # 8217 ; life manner. The Great Awakening was the first self-generated mass motion of American people. It tended to interrupt down sectional boundaries every bit good as racial lines and added to the thought that Americans had of themselves as a individual people, united by a common history and shared experiences. George Whitefield was a major cause of that.

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