2 February 2019

When I was four, I lived in Georgia. I had two dogs named Casey and Alex. They were both golden retrievers. Alex was really a hyper dog, and Casey was kind of a mellow dog. We lived on a lake in Georgia that had a private golf course around it. Alex would take the golfers golf balls of the course and run to my dad. The golfers would yell at my dad “your dog took my ball”. In the neighborhood where I lived there was alot of construction. Alex liked to go to the work sites and take the workers lunches. Alex Knew that my dad did not want him on the furniture. So when my dad was watching him, he would put one paw on the sofa and look at my dad. Other times when my dad was not watching, Alex would get up on the couch. When my dad walked into the living room, my dad would tell him to get off the couch, and Alex would just sit there and look at him.

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