German, Japanese and Anglo-Saxon Company Systems

4 April 2015
A comparison of the German, Japanese and Anglo-Saxon (USA) systems of human resource management.

This paper compares and contrasts the German, Japanese and Anglo Saxon (USA) management and culture. Areas that are used for comparison include national and organizational culture, the economy, organizational aims, management styles, employment practices, approaches to promotion and other businesses and institutions. Arguments as to which style is the most successful are also provided.
“Companies, like countries have identifiable cultures. An organizational culture is the combination of shared values and beliefs of members of organizations and is affected by the cultures of society. There are three main cultures and styles of management including Anglo-Saxon, which incorporates the Unites States and Great Britain, Japanese and German. Each culture has its preferred ways of co-coordinating and controlling. Culture influences a company’s behavior, linking different jobs, rules and procedures. Organizational culture can undergo change. Schein (1992) believes that only statements can be made about elements of culture and not culture in its entirety due to the complexity of the issue.”
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