Germany and European Union

An analysis of the unification of West and East Germany, its integration in the EU and how it affected the identity of the country.

This paper examines the current social, economic and cultural state of a United Germany. It looks at how the previously ultra nationalistic country has been used as an example by the EU to show that a country can maintain its own identity and still be part of a Greater Europe. Contemporary history of Germany is examined, since the collapse of the Berlin Wall until present.
“After the fall of Berlin Wall and the Unification of West Germany and East Germany, the United Germany due to its size and strength has often been perceived as the leader of the European Union. This situation and perception worries and annoys the other European Union members because of the German reputation in the past, in the World War. This problem which is often called the “German Problem” and as European members try not to hold past against Germany to such degree that it damages integration.

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The problem of European Security was the major concern and an essential determinant in all proposals and considerations on Germany’s European integration. The image of Germany in the past was also a major consideration and its neighbors knew that a united Germany would emerge at some stage in the postwar developments, despite the fact that they would have prefer the partition to remain in post war Europe.”

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