Get A Grip Tour

8 August 2019

Aerosmith: Get a Grip Tour I recently had the pleasure of seeing this band play at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. These 40+ rockers have been banging out hits since the ’70s. Age hasn’t slowed these guys down at all. Aerosmith opened with one of their more recent songs, “Eat the Rich,” which got the crowd singing (or should I say shouting) in perfect unison. This was followed by one of their numerous classics, “Toys in the Attic.” Other songs that made the concert memorable were “Draw the Line,” “Sweet Emotion,” “The Other Side,” “Love in an Elevator,” “Cryin,'” and “Janie’s Got a Gun.” Although the majority of the aforementioned songs are off their last two albums, Aerosmith provides a good enough mix for both old and new fans. The only prop Aerosmith used was a white curtain wrapped around them for the opening. The lights did the rest during the show. The band definitely doesn’t need any help at this stage in their career. Lead singer Steven Tyler’s on-stage antics during and in-between songs gave off so much energy that one could easily mistake him for a 20-year-old. The guitar chemistry between Joe Perry and Brad Witford was amazing in itself on tape, but the fact that it was phenomenal live, too was rare and unique. Both have progressed so much since the very first album, Perry with his inventive, emotional guitar solos and Witford with his strong, articulate rhythms. The balance between Joey Kramer (drums) and Tom Hamilton (bass) provided an outstanding basis for the rest of the band, but this was done in such a way that they stood out just as much as everyone else. This experienced rhythm section knew when to lay back and when to come right up to the forefront with everyone else. The end seemed to come too soon even though Aerosmith played for two hours straight. The encore opened and ended with classics. “Dream On” was the opener and “Walk This Way” finished the set off. Aerosmith was definitely one of the best concerts that I have ever seen, if not the best. . Review by N. P., New City, NY

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