Get Inside

“Get Inside” is the follow-up to Johnny A.’s “Sometime Tuesday Morning” off Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label. For those unfamiliar with Johnny A., imagine blues/rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix, jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, and country guitarist Chet Atkins combined into one jaw-dropping guitarist. If you are a fan, you will be glad to hear that this new release is even more breathtaking than the first. You will hear classics like Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary,” and new masterpieces including Johnny A’s original title track.

Johnny’s ability to kick off the album with the jazzy tune “Hip Bone” and dive into the completely different genre of country (“I Had to Laugh”) makes this album a lot of fun. There are improvements in sound from the first; Johnny is back from the Gibson Custom Shop and now sports a flashy new guitar to complement his songs, which makes his tone even better and his music more addictive.

Johnny A. has even changed his playing style here, taking a few steps away from his main influences. Instead of listening and saying, “This sounds like Jimi” or “This sounds like Chet,” listeners will now say, “This sounds like Johnny A.”

All in all, this is an amazing instrumental album with enough drum and bass to entertain but not distract while Johnny takes you away with a style so grand not many can compare to it.

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