Getaway Car by Taylor Swift

After a two year hiatus, Taylor Swift has finally released her highly anticipated album, “Reputation” which includes the tell-all song titled “Getaway Car.” Early in the song there is an apparent description of the highly publicized Met Gala, where Swift met her former boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Swift continues to describe the urge she had to leave her boyfriend at the time, Calvin Harris and essentially says that Hiddleston was the ideal way to get out- her getaway car. The chorus is bass boosted and demonstrates Swift’s vocal range as she describes that she and Hiddleston were doomed from the start by suggesting that getaway cars truly never go far. Swift’s breakup with Harris is described as a “prison break” and “freedom”, suggesting how utterly unhappy she was in the relationship but reveals that she and Hiddleston were truly not thinking when they entered their relationship. After the second chorus, Swift begins her bridge where she alludes to Bonnie and Clyde and refers to herself as a “traitor” when she left Hiddleston. The end of the bridge is remorseful and the song changes tone as Swift describes how she left Hiddleston in a hotel bar as she drove off in her own getaway car, rather than having him as her escape. The upbeat chorus is somewhat paradoxical to the somber meaning behind the lyrics and only the end of the bridge’s background music depicts this feeling. In this song Swift reveals to her audience that she used one boyfriend to get away from another, while knowing it would never work out. I believe the song is the painful truth that some need to hear but presented in a less upsetting manner. Swift succeeded at describing the rise and downfall of her relationship while practically apologizing to Hiddleston for her unintended usage of him.

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